Fingers Crossed & Good Luck Vibes

Just hoping that some of you rather lovely people could cross your fingers for me and send some good luck vibes my way?

Long story short - have been looking for a new job since January and have had a few interviews but not been offered anything. Am off to an interview tomorrow morning and have another lined up for next Tuesday. Suffice to say I'm getting a bit down-heartened with all the rejections and need a bit of a pick me up.

I'm starting to think that my running is suffering as a result because I'm finding it quite hard to get out of bed in the mornings - feeling a bit demoralized really :(


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21 Replies

  • Thinking of you & good luck, know how you feel, as I'm in the same sort of position, I keep getting interviews, but no further! I've just completed doing my ECDL level 2 computer course & really enjoyed it, just hoping it will help! xxx.

  • *crosses fingers*

    GOOD LUCK with the interviews! Don't let the situation get you down; a job will be coming your way soon enough. :-) Think positive, believe in yourself and remember that running is there to offer that bit of a buzz and lift. :-)

    Being out of work is awful, but it's not forever and soon enough you'll be lamenting the fact you struggle to find time to run as you're enjoying your new job, which you WILL get! :-)

  • Good luck vibes heading your way :)

  • Being currently unemployed and dealing with the delights of the job centre I know how soul destroying job hunting can be, all the application forms, the weird interviews and then the nope sorry.

    It will happen you will get there.

    Sending lots of good vibes your way

  • I hope you get something soon. Hang in there

  • Good luck. Hang on in there, and keep running. Lots of positive thoughts flying through the air to you wherever you are - in the same way that the tooth fairy or Santa always know where you are.

  • Good luck and keep positive !

  • Fingers crossed and hope the good luck vibes get to you on time!

  • Very very best of luck. Really hope you're successful!

  • Will keep fingers, toes, eyes and legs crossed for you and am sending loads of good luck vibes your way. Don't be demoralised - you've actually got the motivation to get out of bed and run and do something positive. I bet that few, if any of the other people at your interview could say the same.

    Hang in there - it will get better!

  • Hi Jana, you do something wonderful... you are a runner. You have the motivation to change your life, to get out and run, and stick at running over many months. Also, you have the humility to ask us for help - you have all the aptitude to be a great, great employee. Let's pray that the interviewer is a runner too and you spend all the time chatting about C25K before you are offered the job.

    You don't need fingers crossed or good vibes: you are a runner. Stand tall, breath deeply, move fast. Best wishes.

  • Fingers crossed for you. Hope things go your way.

  • Very good luck!! My best wishes, and keep positive and running, it will help, be sure!

  • Hang in there. I know things might seem really hard but I am sure it will get better. Stay with the running as it does wonders for helping with your confidence. That in turn will help you walk into those interviews with a more positive attitude, which has got to help. Good luck.

  • Good luck! Got my fingers crossed for you.

  • Good luck! I've been out of work for over a year, but this running has made me believe in myself :) Wishing you all the very best. You can do it! :) x

  • Blimey! Thanks for all the support guys - you really are a super lovely bunch of people.

    I think (touch wood - no jinx please) that it went well, I answered the questions clearly and concisely and managed to raise a few laughs along the way too. It was a whole hour that passed by in a blur. Oddly I was more nervous about telling my boss a little white lie before hand, having to explain why I wouldn't be in work for a few hours than I was about the actual interview...

    Am feeling much more positive now and am looking forward to my run in the morning. Here's hoping the other interview on Tuesday goes as well!

    Thanks again xxx

  • Sounds like it went really well for you. It might sound a bit creepy, but I did think of you during the day today. Good luck for Tuesday, maybe you'll get 2 competing offers? How cool would that be?

  • It would be Sod's Law that I get offerered both wouldn't it! At it stands at the minute, I'm hoping I get the one I'm being interviewed for next week as it's closer to home (walkable) and it's more money.

    But I shall consider both equally should the impossible happen.

  • Had the other interview today - it did NOT go well. Was sick this morning while getting ready for work and so I decided that I'd stay at home. Managed to stay awake all day (despite feeling rough) and pottered around the house, trying to keep my mind off my queasy stomach. At the interview I was sweating buckets and could not answer the questions without waffling. I think I laughed a few times in a really creepy way and left feeling very low. I'm hoping that I'm the best of a bad bunch and that the lady could tell that I wasn't myself. Oh, I wish I could have been as good as I was on Wednesday.

    I've still not heard from the place I went to last week so I'm assuming it's a "thanks but no thanks" there too.

    Fingers crossed I'll be better tomorrow as I've not run since Saturday morning.

    Poop :(

  • No luck with either job - feeling unhappy :(

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