Close contact with the pavement!

I was out this morning, and really going all out, well up on my times, when I fell over!

Felt such a wally lying prone on the pavement, and have bashed up my hands and knees, with a small graze on my chin, of all places! But a charming man came to help me up, and was very kind and concerned.

So I only managed 2.25 miles, and had to walk back home. And have to confess that as soon as I opened the front door, I cried ...

I don't know what I tripped over, it was just ordinary paving slabs and on a route I have run many times now.

Am really cross with myself!


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9 Replies

  • Aww bless you. I had a catastrophic meeting with a pavement walking to work 5 weeks ago.

    Flat paving, sensible shoes, nothing to trip over but there I am face down.

    Knocked my confidence more than I'd ever imagined it would.

    I still don't know how or why I tripped but I'm more cautious now.

    Hops you soon recover and happy running :-)

  • It was definitely my pride, more than anything, although I am developing trophy bruising! Am taking the day off, but will run again tomorrow.

    I just don't like feeling a wally!

    Hope you are fine now

  • It happens to us all - as long as it is not a medical balance thing - dust off your grazes and your pride and get back out there before you lose your confidence!

  • I will ! I've told so many people, and been sponsored by loads, that I have no option but to get back out there, and get ready for Race for life next Sunday - it's the first time I will have run with anybody else, so am half looking forward/half terrified !

    Thank you for replying - I needed to know that I wasn't the only one!

  • Firstly sorry to hear it shuck you up, I know when I tripped during a run it did, but apparently you're not a proper runner until you've tripped ;-)

    Hope your race goes well.

  • Poor you! I haven't tripped up yet, but as Phil says, you'r not a proper runner till you do, so it'll happen sooner or later!

    Good luck !

  • Ouch! I hope you recover soon, and get back out there safely :)

  • Mostly my pride, but am a bit sore as well! But I see it means I am a 'real' runner!


  • Poor you! It's so horrible isn't it? I had a nasty fall just over a year ago, I ripped my new running bottoms, as well as my hands and knees. I'd fallen over a dog who ran out to greet me. passers by in a car did a U-turn to come back to see if I was OK and offered me a lift and water, they were so kind. I thanked them for their kindness and, determined, I set out to finish my run, which I did. When I got home I realised just how badly I was hurt - I must've looked such a mess running along like that! I was over-cautious for quite some time, but you do get over it. And yes, you do feel like such a wally(!) but most of the runners I know have taken a tumble at one point or another...I think it's probably it's just as Phil72 says, 'you're not a proper runner until you've tripped' - so, DeliaItaly - watch out! Your time will come! But when it does, we'll all be here for you with our support, and words of encouragement!


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