Ice on pavement and poorly knee

I was on my rest day yesterday, carrying out bin bags when suddenly my left leg slid on ice. My left heel moved outwards away from my left side whilst the ball of my foot stayed in the correct position but the whole foot moved away from me on the ice (may not have explained it perfectly there!!).

I could feel a sore tendon or muscle to the outer edge of my left patella but it wasn't painful as such. I rested it all day yesterday and most of today (as I work at a desk). I have just been out to attempt W3R2

(running for 90 seconds and then 3 minutes) but can't do it. The walking bit is ok and the first 90 seconds was ok but during the start of the 3 minutes I gave up as I am afraid of causing more damage than good.

I think I will have to rest it for a few days as I got the sensation of "something uncomfortable" to the left side of the knee cap. As I say it is not painful and neither is it swollen. Just a bit frustrating that's all.

Have any of you had a similar thing happen? Any advice gratefully appreciated.


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7 Replies

  • Aw, poo :( Apparently it's not the running that's dangerous for us, it's the everyday things we do that knock our bodies about!

    I'd bite the bullet and give yourself a couple of days off - if you keep putting pressure on it then it's probably get worse, not better, and in the long run you'll kick yourself for having been impatient. A few days is a drop in the ocean compared to the pre-C25k era, so binge-read on the forum for a few days then get back out there. I'm off running too for the moment - sinusitis is not compatible with trainers either. Hope it feels better soon.

  • Sinusitis is poo too! I quite often get that and then the dreaded post-nasal drip chest infection! Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

  • Cheers :) I get chronic sinusitis, so my family regularly get to see the "Mum-on-Cortisone-With -a-Headache-and-Without-a-Run "version of me. Scary.

  • Terrifying! Feel better soon!

  • Ta chuck xx

  • Yikes and ouch!

    Take the time off and rest up... loads of us are crocked at the moment and as the rest of the folk say...not worth injuring yourself further.

    Feel better! :)

  • Aw Fred that's a shame. Rest is the best thing. You could try placing some frozen peas wrapped in a towel on your knee for 5 to 10 mins where it hurts. It might help with the inflammation .

    Wait til you feel 100 % before running again, it's hard enough without a bad knee. 😓

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