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Injured! Damn and BLAST!

Well wouldn't you bloody know it. I sailed through the 9 weeks of C25K without any mishaps to my legs or back and suddenly without warning, my right calf has tightened up and feels like it's in a vice!

My wife massaged it last night (deep tissue which was agony) and I awoke feeling fine. Went for my run this morning - a shorter one than usual, just to see if this calf flared up again - AND IT DID! So I think I'm out of action until it calms down. It's extremely frustrating as it started without warning yesterday as I got off a train to go for a job interview. As Victor Meldrew might say "I DON'T BELIEVE IT!"

So the bad news is, I'm out of action for a bit running wise. The good news is (I'm a freelancer) I got the job I was interviewed for. Hooray, mixed with a bit of damn and blast!

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:( Oh no! (for the injury) :) Oh yes! (for the job)

I hope it improves soon (the injury) but you know what you have to do: however boring RICE is, it works. The roads will still be out there when you're better. Fingers crossed for you that it's only something a bit twingy and it will go away soon.


What is RICE? Please enlighten me


Am going out on a limb here (pardon the pun ;) ) Rest Ice Compression Elevation???


Ahhhhh! Thanks guys and gals. Appreciate it.


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