I thought I would write a teensy weensy blogette as I have been out of action for the past ten days with the most hideous chest infection which has completely floored me!

Last time I went out for a run was 10 days ago and I really shouldn't have gone. Since then I've been more or less bed ridden with this thing and it's really pi$$ing me off! My half marathon plan is shot to pieces, so I'll have to revisit that somehow and try and start again perhaps. Who would have thought that the most annoying thing about being ill is NOT being able to go for a run! Haha! Shows how hooked we can get eh?

So this week will be another write off. I managed to get a GP appointment yesterday (I know! Amazing eh? I felt I'd won the lottery!) and he gave me the quickest consultation I've ever had - I'm not kidding! Two minutes FLAT. He was already at the door holding it open before I'd even got up to leave. But the good news is that I'm perfectly healthy apart from this viral chest infection and I'd just have to wait three weeks for it to go....BYEEEEE!!


"Ok I'm going. I'm going......"

I wouldn't have minded, but the 12 year old kid before me got over 25 minutes with the bas***d. I only got 2. But then maybe that's why. He was over running and thought if he kicked me out sharpish, he could get back on schedule. Genius!

So I won't be running for a few days yet. But when I do, I'll cry with happiness.

Until then then then then then then.....

yer pal



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43 Replies

  • That's just rubbish, I'm feeling your pain. Let's hope the rest puts you right sharpish. Isn't there any good running books you could read to give you some relief from your addiction?

  • Hmmm....that's not a bad idea! Ta.

  • Sympathies. These viral things that floor you are the worst, they can drag on and on, and there's little you can do. Apart from cough till you're nearly sick. And rest. And wait.

    But you will live! And your HM plan is not shot to pieces, just on hold. Your metabolism will hang on to your fitness for a surprisingly long time (I had an enforced five weeks off running last year and honestly hardly noticed much difference, just ran a bit slower for a while).

    On Sunday I was telling one of my running buddies that I'd been having a touch of ITB problems, which she misheard...

    "WHAT? Have you really had TB????"

    "NO!!!" ha ha ha ha (cough cough wheeze)

  • YOU'VE HAD TB??????

    Sorry. You did that joke!

    Thanks TT. I'm glad to hear that my fitness levels shouldn't drop off too much. Especially after ALL the bloody effort it's taken to get here!!

  • GET WELL SOON Dan! at least you will get lots of attention from us, if not the doctor! hope you're back out there soon, & that you are being pampered by Mrs Dan! or are you a bad patient??!! :)

  • Mrs Dan is incredible. She brings me lemsips, bowls of olbas oil laced boiling water to sit over and inhale steam, sandwiches, dinners........

    (I am a man, ergo a TERRIBLE patient. I wish I was more like a woman, but then that sounds totally weird, so I'm not gonna say that.....)

  • i thought she would look after you!

    Do i remember a tiger onesie from last year?? that would make a great outfit when you're out of sorts, and in Manflu mode!

    * its nice that you have Mrs Dan, you better owe her a nice meal out when you're better! :)

  • That's no good; get some whisky down your neck. It won't cure the viral thing but you WILL feel better ;) And I do hope you feel better soon.

  • Now you're talking!!!

  • Commiserations Dan, I feel your pain (well I feel your not running pain, not your viral chest infection pain, obviously) I'm sure you're going to be fine when you do eventually get back out there, because you're normally pretty bloomin' fit. Just take it easy m'dear. Settle back on your silk pillows, sip your honey and lemon and surrender yourself to Homes Under The Hammer :)

  • Thanks AM.

    Homes Under The Hammer.......it's come to this!!!

  • Sorry to hear that Dan. You have my full sympathy as I was laid up with the same thing for most of February - so I know it isn't just manflu! We even ended up having to cancel a holiday to Finland because I wasn't well enough to go.

    I got the same response at the doctors - it's a virus, you'll just have to wait it out.

    The only encouragement I can give is that I'm fine and back on form now.

    It's frustrating - but only a blip. Get well soon !

  • You're right. There's something about feeling ***t that makes you incredibly negative and I must avoid that! Thanks UR.

  • Oh poor you Dan, I'm so sorry you're still not feeling chipper. I hope you get back running really soon, just take it steady when you pick it up again. Your plan will still be a plan and you have loaaaaaaads of time. Big hug x :-)

  • Tis true. Thanks N-e.

  • don't talk to me about sympathetic Doc's ( tongue very firmly in cheek) sorry to hear you not well Dan, hope you are feeling much better soon :D

  • Thanks Rob mate. I keep hoping that my GP will turn into one of those really nice doctors on that tv programme "GPs behind closed doors". I don;t tink it's gonna happen....

  • Another GWS message - hope the 2 furry friends are keeping you company - they are very good as hot water bottles. Just let the virus get out of your system and then you can continue with your running.

  • Only one of the kitties visits me in my sick bed, but as soon as I cough - she's off! Says she can't sleep properly like a cat when there's all this disturbance......

  • Oh bless you Dan, what a nightmare.

    I've been down with a chesty cough but just had 4 no run days and have gently started up again. I'm thinking that I need to reach 10k by the end of May so hopefully that will happen.

    Think you should listen to the advice of your doctor and your friends here and of course the lovely Mrs Dan, and rest up till better. You'll soon be back on it and back on track.

    Take care :) xx

  • Thanks PA. You're an Angel (see what i did there...???)

  • Err.. Yeah! :-)

  • Good advice! Thanks

  • I hope onestep meant not too much water :0)

  • That's rubbish mate. Wish you better soon.

  • It IS rubbish! Thanks

  • Oh flicking eck! I hope you'll have the dreaded lurgy soon kicked into touch and be out there pounding the pavements of the metropolis once again

    Did you get the Pholcodeine?

  • I did and it made no difference! I got a bottle of jollop instead of the sweets because the chemist I went to told me the company making them don't make them anymore!! So I swigged from the linctus like Keith Richards from a bottle of jack Daniels but sady, it didn't stop me coughing like a 100 a day Players No.10 smoker! Annoying innit?

  • The linctus just swills around your stomach upsetting it, which is why the cough sweets are better. I wonder why they stopped making em. Typical !

    You'll be better soon. The sun shine gets rid of bugs

  • Get well soon Dan. You've still got ages til your hm. You'll get there, just make sure you are well before you start running again.


  • You're right of course. But this gorgeous weather makes me feel I'm missing out!!

  • Thats a biiiig shiiiiit Dan, as we say in these parts. Listen to Mrs Dan, and do go running until you are fully recovered.

    Best wishes for un retablissement rapide :)

  • Merci Zev.

  • Ouch, stupid infection! Hope you feel better soon Dan. Take it easy and get your body sorted :)

  • Tomas, thank you!

  • Commiserations from a fellow sickly non-runner. I would have been out yesterday morning and tomorrow morning but experience tells me colds turn into mega coughs if I dont take it easy. So I'm on house arrest doing some very inefficient home-based freelancing. And not running, cycling, or in any way receiving sunrays :(

  • Its a bummer innit?

  • Yep, sure is. Hope to see some more chirpy running-related posts from you soon :)

  • Try this Dan .........

    I had a cough last week, this worked for me :

    To the cough I just woke up to this morning. I don't know who you are .I don't know what you want. If you are looking for a weak immune system, I can tell you , I don't have one .

    What I do have though is a bottle of Buttercup Syrup. I acquired it some time ago from the corner shop.

    Buttercup Syrup makes it a nightmare for coughs like you .

    If you let my body go now, that'll be the end of it , I will not take the Buttercup Syrup .

    But if you don't, I will take it . I will take it 3 times a day , and I will kill you .

    Worked for me !

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • WOW! Psyching the cough out of your body sounds genius! (and pretty New Age too baby...) Thanks :)

  • Yep, its all Zen Baby :-) xxx

  • Oh no, I hope you start feeling a bit better. Just wanted to reassure you about your HM plan - I'm doing my first one next Sunday - was doing lovely until the beginning of December then bang... my back seized and I could not run for 2 months . To cut it short, I ended up training with a self made/not followed very well 8 week plan - did today my longest 16 km run before the HM, my time will be well over the average, I hope to finish in 3 hours or maybe 3 and something, but who cares... I'll do it :) I find the myasic plan not apt to my anarchic soul - it lacks a lot of flexibility !

  • Thank you, that has given me some cheer. Am still a good week or two away from running but am looking forward to getting back out there.

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