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Week 9 Run 1 done - Two more runs to go!

Yesterday completed W9R1 and it went well. Fell into a good rhythm and breathing was good. I find it amazing that I can run for 30 whole minutes without stopping or dying, lol.

I decided to stray from my trusted walking/running path and hit the sidewalks in my neighbourhood for a change of pace. The only thing is that the sidewalks are very uneven and I found when I got home that my ankle was hurting a bit, I guess from the unlevel ground. I iced it and elevated it right away but I still feel a slight twinge today but not really pain.

I'm praying that by Wednesday it feels fine so I can continue on with run 2. I'm so close and I really, really want to graduate this week. We have a camping trip planned on the weekend so (fingers crossed) hopefully Friday will be the graduation run.

Hope everyone's week is going well. :)


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So close Sherbear. Just take it steady, you said the important thing, 'you want to graduate' and you all but did that today.

Best of luck for the next two runs, I am right behind you (Graduate on Saturday morning with a bit of luck :-) )


Thank you and good luck to you on Saturday. If all things go well, we'll be graduates come this time next week, crazy! :)


Hi - I will be doing week 9 run 2 on Wednesday and hopefully graduating on Friday too. Sounds like your week 9 run 1 went better than mine - I must admit I struggled, its funny how some runs just dont go well!

What are your plans after graduating?


Hey it's nice to know someone will be graduating the same day as me. Yeah, I never know what kind of run I'm gonna get when I start out. In week 8 I had a run where I felt so bad that I wondered if that's what people feel like before they have a heart attack, lol. Then the next couple of runs were fine, I don't understand it.

Not sure what I'm going to do after graduation. I'm thinking of just doing the 30 mins for a week or so and then maybe slowly increasing one of the weekly runs until I can get to 5K. Then after that who knows, the sky's the limit I suppose. :) What about you?

Well good luck to us both on Friday and if all goes well, we'll be heading into the weekend as C25K graduates! Yay for us!



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