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Week 8 run 2 - Failure! :(

After having a great run for week 8 run 1 on Sunday I was feeling super motivated about my next run and decided I was going to attempt a route I had been avoiding which involved a big uphill section (mistake).

I got up at 5.30 (feeling shattered, but I have to get up at this time on run days so I can get to work on time) and set out on my run. I found it hard going from the moment I started, but eventually got into a rhythm. I ran fine for about 15 minutes or so and then got to the big hill and started plodding my way up the hill, my legs were stiff and it was a real struggle to put one foot in front of the other. I got about a third of the way up and had to stop. I walked the rest of the way up the hill. I tried running again when I got to the top but by then I had lost my momentum and my legs hurt.

Feeling so annoyed with myself. This is the first time I've walked when I'm supposed to run for the whole program.

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I hate runs like that - you know you can do it because you've already done it before but for some reason your head tells you that you cant :( Just put it down to a bad run, take a couple of days rest and then head out again - maybe stick to your usual route and leave the uphill route as something to conquer once you've graduated! :)


Put it to one side as a bad run. We all have them. I did a very similar thing a couple of weeks ago where I included a hill and the run was torture- I just never got back to feeling 'settled'- was out of the rhythm, breathing was really tough and my legs were killing me. I finished, but it was horrible. The next run, I ran a different route (without any hills!) and it was a lovely run. Hope it's the same for you. Keep it up! X


Hills. A whole new ball game aren't they.

I realised last week that the only hill on my normal route is downhill, and I walk up on the 5 minutes cool down. So I started to run a route that would give me one up hill, and it was hard. Like you I started to wonder why, and thought would a little walk be OK?

My advice, for what it's worth, is this. Hills need stamina. You are obviously doing just fine on your normal route, so stick with that. Then when you fancy a hill again, if ever, try a smaller one, maybe once a week.

My graduation run on Saturday will be flat!

Keep at it.


No, not failure, just one of those things. Perhaps you've been lucky and not had a 'bad' run before? One is bound to come along at some point and the only thing to do is accept that they happen and go out again! Your next run will be better, and you are so close to graduation now that you are running properly anyway. So put it behind you and enjoy your last week. The hills will always be out there and you can tackle them later :)


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