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CATCH-UP CORNER...FEBRUARY WEEK 1... Slip off the Running Shoes and COME on In... EVERYONE is WELCOME!

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Good morning forum friends... First of all , I offer HUGE apologies for the Corner being opened a day late!

No, I was not on strike...

I was just a tad snowed under , not real snow, just a pile of running gear! I was looking for a particular outfit for my running, it was taking a while, which led on to deciding it was time for a tidy up of my tops and bottoms running drawer, which led on to my thinking about running outfits.

Yes, I agree with you it is very odd, is it not how the simple things I do, always lead on to some DEEP thinking?

The thought that I thought had a lot to so with running and what we wear. Please do not be misled by the photo or the caption.. this is not about fashion!

My photograph shows some of my running outfits. They are varied, funky and colourful, Winter weight, Summer weight, full length, cropped, long and short sleeved! Some bought, ( always in sales), and many gifts for birthday or Christmas, over the seven years + that I have been running.

But the one outfit, the best outfit, that has not cost a single penny?

Well, I won't find it under that pile of clothes, that is for sure. I have it, and you have it.

That running outfit that we all have? Confidence.

Running and Confidence are trail mates, They go together,

Whether you are, like so many friends here with us, a brand new runner, doing C25K and feeling so unsure of how far, how fast or even whether you will get to that Graduation podium, or someone who has been here a while longer., and has lost that sure feeling. Maybe you are a seasoned runner, who is achieving things that many of us only dream of :) Confidence is the one outfit that we all wear.

Okay , what does this outfit look like? Well, definition wise, confidence is, a belief that we have the abilities needed to achieve a certain outcome. In this instance... a belief that we are able to run:)

The fact that we have all got this outfit, does not mean that we all wear it in the same way, because sometimes... that confidence is more obvious that at other times. Because sometimes, that outfit, a bit like a running top or bottom, is worn high or low! Although we all have it, does not mean we are always fully aware of it, and occasionally, we may feel as if we do not have it at all!

Wearing our confidence well, can be something we have to work at, to build up and be prepared too, that once we have it on, it is not always going to feel the same or comfortable. Weirdly too, the beliefs we have in ourselves, that help keep that confidence fitting comfortably, have less to do what we are actually capable of, and more to do with what we THINK we can do.

Many of us are or have recently, been struggling. Many forum friends here, are trying to make a return to the running which they love so much ( me included). Illness, injury, life issues, money worries or family concerns, have impacted and still are, impacting, on us.

This is the time when we are most vulnerable, and most likely to lose that outfit underneath a pile of worry and self doubt. Even the easiest, or shortest distance on a run becomes something to be afraid of, and we are almost defeated before we begin.

So; what can we do !

Well. We can talk to ourselves...Self-Talk.

Yup, I do that all the time...I do not care whether I look like a loopy old woman in a strange outfit who mumbles as she runs up the hill. It works for me, and last week ,when I did my first run since 30th November... I talked all the way out and all the way back, only proving too, that I WAS running at a conversational pace!

What we need to try to do is to talk to ourself ( no, you don't have to do it out aloud), in an honest, positive way. Positive statements and positive celebration of every run we take.

Self Belief...

Believing you can, is adding to the confidence. Everything you tell yourself, you have to know that you are capable of. It might feel strange at first especially if you are a new runner, but you will get used to it, just like getting used to a new pair of running shoes.


Just like planning any outfit for an occasion, this running outfit is exactly the same. Visualise wearing it, visualise the run you are going to do, set out the running gear and think about where you are and where you are going. Be excited and know that you are going to have fun.


So there we are, the weekly thoughts of Snail Floss !

Now, I and all of us in the very tidy, ( now), Corner, sitting here by the fire, drinking juice or coffee, munching on a lunchtime treat or some other tasty snack, are waiting to hear your thoughts.

Maybe you have had a time when you felt you had not got that outfit on? Maybe you thought you had lost it forever? I know I thought I had, a while back, but there it was, hidden under my running jacket!

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon, and oh yes, when you head out for your next run... just have a quick check in the mirror.. make sure you've got your Self-Confidence on straight :)

Oldfloss x

29 Replies
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Hello Oldfloss - after having a couple of days off due to some weird virus doing the rounds, I took all my confidence and convinced myself I could indeed do wk8 run1 even though the rest of me was saying - no, no - wait until next week. So I ran and I did indeed do it and at the end, guess who I found on the sea wall waiting.......

chalk snail
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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Mothmoss

HUGE well done YOU... and hey, these snails get absolutely everywhere A real grey sea snail!

I hope that you are over the virus now and feeling better ? Certainly your body thought you could do it as well as your mind :) Wearing that Confidence outfit and totally rocking it! x

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MothmossGraduate in reply to Oldfloss


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I absolutely love this post Floss.

I have let my self confidence slip, and was forgetting to run in the moment and adding unecessary pressure on myself. Worrying about the next run is not the way forward, thank you for the reminder.

I have W4 R2 next and shall remember to put on my confident head and tackle it with steadiness and ease. I will think about composing a run report as I go, which can be so helpful in reminding us to take everything in and enjoy the run.

I run for me after all, your suggestions to me in your recent run report post were so helpful. I will definately be giving myself a pep talk next time out.

For now snuggling up on my cushion, and will re-read this great post of yours again....❤


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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Hello !

Here you are and your cushion was waiting for you, It is so good to see you! Gosh, you have had such a time and those things that are piled on top of your confidence, well, no wonder it is taking a while to find it again! But, you have a plan... and that is a terrific step forward.

You have supported so, so many folk here on the forum with your posts and your replies, ( I still tighten my glutes on the final stages of a run) , now it is time for us to be here for you. Moving forward as you are planning to do, with a steady easy pace, I think folk would agree, is exactly the right strategy. You know me... slow and steady will get us there. Worry and over worry is so easy to do, but really hard to overcome. I know that to my own cost, but we can, you can, do it, it just has to be put in its place.!,

Do, please, keep us posted, and do give yourself a gentle pep talk, but, remember, it may take a little while to relax back into that comfy confident outfit. You need to try to be kind to yourself, run, take everything around you in, know that there is as you say, no need for pressure, no need to compare or over worry. If the run begins to feel tricky, then ease back and congratulate yourself o simply being out there !

I and we, cannot wait to read that run report; you, running just for you, just for joy, and just because you are, quite simply a runner.

Thank you for popping on and sharing with us. xxx

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Really good post 😊 in the short time I've been running I've realised it's 15% physical and 85% in the mind. Your body can do so much more than you think, it's just your mind that holds you back.

6 months ago I wouldn't have dreamed that I would be able to run. My mind was telling me you're to fat, too old and too unfit. Then I started this incredible programme and all of a sudden I could run, I lost weight and got fitter.

For me confidence comes from achieving something you thought you never could and if you stick with it, couch to 5k will do this for you.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Carners1

Good morning! Good to see you here with us... the Corner is warm and the cushions are waiting for the folks to drop in.

You are exactly right...the mind plays tricks on us and those, mind gremlins that many new runners talk about, are so devious. We have had many posts about this.

You have made terrific progress and despite those voices in your head, you are lighter, and fitter, and in a terrific state of mind too?

I love the definition you have of confidence.. " ...achieving something you thought you never could". I know ho friends popping in here will want to share that.

Thank you x

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Thank you Old Floss, this is such a good post and I recognise myself in it.

I had a couple of weeks off running over Christmas and then I was ill. Then I ran for about a week and ended up turning round on what would be a normal run for me not believing I could finish it. I think I wasn't well enough in body or head and needed more time off but didn't want to lose my fitness.

Then it was too cold to run and I only started running again this week. I'm doing very short 15 min runs and have convinced myself it's a start and better than not getting out there.

I hope I can get back to running like before Christmas and I think warmer weather will help a lot.

Thank you for posting this x

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OldManRunningGraduate in reply to AcryllicAfternoons

I've found the 15 minute run very helpful although my initial thought about them was, 'what's the point of getting dressed up for such a short time!'. What I found is that 15 minutes is long enough to get that 'I've been running' buzz and always come back feeling positive and that I've acheived something 😊

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to AcryllicAfternoons

Good morning! So good to see you here with us in the Corner... It is a tad chilly here today, but the most beautiful sunrise promises a good day!

Oh goodness, you have had a time haven't you? I feel that so many of us, including myself will know how you felt and are still feeling. Running back after time out or illness can be hard enough at the best of times, those first nervous twinges when we set out? But, after a longer spell, ( for me, it was from the 30th November, to last week), it becomes harder.

You are doing the right thing... moving on now and starting gently and with no pressure. You expected to go out and run as you had before your illness, wind and weather set you back, and it did not work out. That was a shock.

The runs you are doing now, are perfect, short and hopefully sweet. My first run back, was 20 minutes,.. Every run you do counts, every single one. A run, even of five minutes has it merits, ( NIKE running club has guided runs of five minutes upwards ), I have used them with great effect.

Just keep that confidence you are beginning to feel now, build on it, turn your, 'hope' into a reality, Believe in yourself and know, that even if it take a little while, you will get there.

“If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind” - Percy Bysshe Shelley.

It is so true... thank you for popping in and sharing time with us x

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MissUnderstandingAdministrator in reply to AcryllicAfternoons

This is exactly how I came back from injury. 15 minutes every other day until I was ready for some of the runs to be 20 minutes, and then some a little longer until I was back to my usual pattern. 15 minutes is my standard come back run from any gaps or illness. It’s also my favourite “I need a short run today” run. Don’t underestimate the power of the short, regular run to get you back to a good place with your running. Really good luck 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to MissUnderstanding

Than you for this... good to know that we are all on the right path.. the safe, happy and hopefully injury free one! Irishprincess and her initial, jogette.' post, many years ago, after a time away, has helped so many of us to get out there, without feeling worried, because we were not running for a long time or very far!

Thanks for popping in... there is a lovely warm croissant waiting for you!x

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IrishprincessGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Such a fab post Floss! And I’m just loving your colourful collection 😍 And so tidy too…. It puts my collection to shame as, even though I have only winter or summer kit in a drawer at any one time, it starts off nice and tidy and then, the minute after I can’t find that one pair of socks I want, it’s a mess. I must do better 😇

I must dig out that post that first mentioned “jogette”. Perhaps it was a reply to someone in which case I’d never find it!

The croissant was lovely by the way, thank you 🥰 xxx

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Irishprincess

It's tidy now... it was not tidy at all... I have put out a few things too, for passing on... ! My sock drawer...hmmm , that is next... NOT looking forward to that...

The phrase of yours, jogette? So many of us use it and every time, as I know I have told you before , I head out, after a little while away from the runs, I have it in my head and think of you! It is just perfect, and describes exactly how we should be moving?

Thank you so much for dropping in... you are always welcome here at any time. I am glad that the croissant met with your approval! xxx

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IrishprincessGraduate in reply to Oldfloss


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Hi Oldfloss, great post and I hope you don't mind but I've brought Mrs OMR with me as we're desperate for somewhere warm to cwtch down. Last Sunday our boiler broke so we've been without heating or hot water since ❄️❄️❄️ We contacted the insurance and a very busy engineer got to us at 8pm declaring he could do nothing and would need to order parts. Having heard nothing I contacted them Monday PM and eventually I got the attached message. Although I remonstrated I couldn't get it any earlier. Yesterday we sat there for 6 hours with no engineer, I phoned and was told they would not be coming nor had they arranged to come but they would be ringing this morning to arrange an appointment. Disgraceful I know.

Sorry getting back to your post, I agree confidence and self belief are a huge part of running and getting the best of yourself and lack of it can ruin so much good work.

I was confident enough last week to run parkrun in a PB and in under 30 mins (28.33). The week before I did a PB in 30.06, I mention that only as it was that which gave me the confidence to go out and do the second run. I promise to slow down now 😉

Okay hands back under the covers now ❄️❄️❄️🖐️🖐️

Thank you Oldfloss on another insightful post 😁

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to OldManRunning

I hope you've managed to stay warm, here in the corner! I am really, really hoping that your heat is back on now! What a palaver!

The confidence factor is more important that we may suppose.., believing in ourselves is far harder than believing in others. You are doingso well and that is a cracking time for a Park Run! Well done you... and I do know that you do and will always listen to your body !

You and Mrs OMR are welcome here at any time! x

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OldManRunningGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Mrs OMR says thank you for warming us up. Unfortunately the engineer will be with us Monday morning, it was to be the afternoon but by incessantly crying down the phone at them they moved it forward. In all honesty I am quite disgusted with some of these large companies and the way they treat their paying customers.But at least I have a parkrun to look forward to 😁

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to OldManRunning

This is try and stay warm..! At least PR will warm you up. Maybe Mrs OMR could walk it! X

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OldManRunningGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Or stay under a duvet and granny quilt 😂 😂

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That is such a lovely post 😍. We are our own worst enemies sometimes. It can be harder to say "I can do this" as opposed to "Oh gawd, everybody is quicker than me" People in my running club went back to the couch during lockdown and haven't run since. I hear "I'll do a couple of runs by myself to get fitter and then come out for training" (A bit like learning to drive before you go an instructor.)It's interesting isn't it that we all put on the most garish and mis matched running gear without a care about what people think (yesterday mine was an orange top, blue leggings, pink socks and purple shoes), yet the confidence top is the hardest to put on.

Love this post, so inspiring.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Teresa1632

Thank you... I feel it is something we have to work at... it is not bragging, it is making that positive affirmative statement... , as you say. I can, this.... and we should all try to remember that... I can....

I love the example of the learning to drib=ve before you go to a driving instructor! Totally right... we are learning to run, we have to accept we have been away and just start steadily again...

Your outfit sounds absolutely fabulous!!! All you need now, and maybe it is what we all need, a slip over top, in the brightest colours ever, with the slogan " I am an awesome runner... and I know it"! Thank you for popping in today x

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This is well timed! On my long run, Coach B (Nike run club app for anyone who hasn’t heard of him yet!) was talking about the “quiet confidence” we all have that we often forget about. It’s the deep knowledge we have that when we start a run, we’ll be able to finish it. It isn’t loud and showy telling us that we’ve got this. It’s what keeps us putting one step in front of the other because we just know that we can. Sometimes it’s so deep within us that we don’t even recognise it.

My internal voice sometimes is a total liar. I can hear myself saying I don’t want to run today…despite having chosen to go out and run. I can’t possibly run today because I’m too tired…as I am running along. I’m not going to make it…as I am achieving what I set out to do. I hate running…when it’s my favourite thing to do.

The quiet confidence that I can actually get there must be what keeps me going while my head is telling me I can’t. I’ve found it helpful to separate how I am feeling from what I’m actually doing. Instead of “I can’t do it”, I try and look objectively at what’s happening and tell myself that I am doing it! Instead of “I’m too tired to keep going”, realising that I am a tired but that’s ok and I am keeping going. I remind myself that it’s ok to feel tired! I might not be having a lovely time at this very moment but my legs are still moving and that’s good enough. The next time I run will be better because of this run.

Sometimes I put pressure on myself to enjoy every run and that’s not realistic. You can do everything right and it’s a grind sometimes. it takes confidence to say to yourself that today you’re a runner finding it tough but you’ve got it within yourself to keep going and get it done. I’ve found it helpful to allow myself to be negative and have a good old moan about how much I’m not enjoying a particular run while still going out and finishing it. Most runs are great fun, and it’s important to not let the occasional duffer make you feel like you’re not a proper runner. We all have them! Those runs definitely make you stronger!

Thanks for another wonderful catch up corner. I’m loving the leggings!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to MissUnderstanding

Absolutely correct. I take so many of CBs words to heart and recall them when I do feel that I may be finding something a tad tricky.

Your reply carries so much ... and I really hope folk read this... I do know that a fair few of us, t know exactly what you mean !It must be that as you say, the quiet confidence carries you on... it is there, and it is taking over and keeping you and us moving.

The runs that are hard are runs that do make us stronger, you are correct there also... I think maybe it is something that we realise a tad more, post Graduation as we evolve into your running. My very short but very chilly run the other day was not the fun that many are and I was so, so glad to get home. But when I was in... I was able to say with great satisfaction... it was cold it was short.. but I did it:)

I have to say that this reply could open up into a post for Bridge. Your words certainly echo the feelings of many of us and I feel a few folk on Bridge would benefit greatly from reading them?

Thank you so much for this x

Yes... I am in my blue owls this week... they are fleecy-lined winter weight!

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well Oldfloss what a great post! I would have started my running journey earlier if it wasn’t for the gremlins in my head saying you are too old,will look silly etc etc then as I’ve said before I watched a lady during lockdown run past every few days and she was probably about my age and eventually I realised she couldn’t give a monkeys who was looking she was just free to run !! So I bit the bullet and started and it’s the best thing I’ve done. I wouldn’t have been able to cope the last two years without that escape from worries and work.

The last month I took up the challenge of running 40 miles for The Royal Marsden thought it would be fine as I usually fit in 3 runs a week, oh how wrong all those icy pavements and work and other commitments I really had to push myself !! Running further when I could and on consecutive days which I had never done but made sure I really warmed up and I actually achieved it , pleased with myself and raised some funds too.

So people don’t give up it’s the best medicine on to the next challenge …….

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Wavy-chick28


This is fantastic and so good to have this reply here, which as we share it with everyone in the corner just proves how strong you and we are.

You have done incredibly! Setting out and not giving too hoots... running for joy and running for your sanity and your well being? Now running for other people... what a great journey!

This takes the running from C25K to a whole other dimension. HUGE well done to you... on to the next challenge... now what may that be? Thank you for popping in and keep us posted please? x

XenaZelda profile image

my confidence was really low when i first started this program, the thought of running outside as i am 2 stone overweight since lock down frightened me and what to wear so i dont look so fat, i looked at runners and always thought i want to do and be like that, hiding myself beneath long thick sweatshirt and black leggings and started the programme running around the cul de sac where i live so as not to expose the public to my struggling! as do alot of other people in the beginning.........i must say, now i wear running gear with confidence even though i am still overweight (but that will be worked on) i have run along the road in a very public busy place, i dont care what i look like and as i always wore black, i now have a selection of colourful leggings (after being inspired seeing your colourful leggings i went onto Lucy Locket website where all of the sports gear are colourful) so i bought several pairs and have started wearing them...................this is what the running (and this forum) has done for me in giving me the confidence without a care in the world what i look like. I now put on my confidence on top of my running gear and get out there ❤️

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YES!!!! This is fantastic... you have not just got that outfit, you are wearing it and totally rocking it!

Blooming brilliant ! So many folk starting out as Grey shadows, will read this and think, ( I hope), well if she can.... I can !

We have over the years, had hundreds of posts where people have been so afraid that they would be seen, laughed at, ridiculed etc, but it takes the person themselves, not matter we say, to realise that is not the case.

I just have this incredible image of you, emerging from your shadowy runs, like a butterfly from a Chrysalis... spreading your wings and running for you, on your own way, and in the brightest and most vivid colours... just super.

Thank you so, so much for this... run on, and show us all how to do it ! xxx

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absolutely, it’s good to hear others who first start out like this, a grey shadow that emerges into a colourful happy confident person after taking that first few steps (and runs) to say “actually I am worthy and deserve to feel like I am a free running spirit “ I would never have dreamed of wearing pink leggings with big bold flowers all over but now I do and it’s all thanks to you old floss ❤️

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