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Put it down to experience ;)

Don't know what to make of my morning run!

I left it a bit late going, heading out at about 11, i did think it might be too hot but I run thru the woods and it was lovely and cool- I felt great- making good time :) then I got to the bit where I run around the outside of a field, I was ok til I got to the corner, started uphill with the full force of the sun, the grass is up to my knees. - I must confess it got the better of me (i was seeing stars) and I dropped down to a walk til I got back in the woods.

I thought I'd blown it but when I checked the tracker I was still on target for a 30 min 5k, so I pulled my finger out and managed to finish with a good time, ha ha!

So maybe a combination of going out a bit too quick, not getting my bum out of bed early enough - but i'll take the PR anyway, and chalk it all up to experience!


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Wow!! That's excellent, especially with that horrendously sounding incline haha!


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