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W8R3: I prefer solitude

I decided to take a new route again (I'm getting very brave now as I always used to take the same one), this was lovely along the canal and with some shade. Not too hot today, but sunny and warm.

When I got to half way (according to Laura) I didn't fancy turning back the same way, so I kept going knowing there is a road turn ahead. The bridge over the canal and back the other way was just too high looking, my legs aren't ready for such hills!!! So I took a forest road thinking I could double back through the fields. Nope. So I had to go past the flippin' football fields, which were packed. I have my music so loud, if anyone did heckle I didn't hear. I'm sure they were concentrating on their game more than me, but it reminded me that I really do prefer to run without audiences.

Today was particularly bad I had decided to wear shorts and I'm a bit self-conscious in them. Hey, I'm not so grotesque, but I have standards ;) But also by that time (about 3.5km), I had red thigh rub; so I have vowed to stick with leggings for a while longer - these do not allow chaffing!!

Well I finished my 28 minutes no problem. Hard work, and hot, with sore legs. But quite far from home. I yanked my shorts to cover the rubbing and started my warm down 5 minutes. Then I realized the Lasagne would be finished in the oven at home, so I decided to run another 10 minutes to get me back quicker! It felt really good - better than the 28 minutes previously in fact. My mojo was present and I quite enjoyed my own music.

I can't believe that I am about to enter Week 9!!!! I never really thought I would make it when I started out. But I was running out of options / excuses not to do something :p

I've got a business trip to the UK this week, I won't have time to run until Thursday (I think). However, I am really looking forward to my last 3 runs with Laura.

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Sounds like a fab run! I like solitude too, woodland runs work for me, I will have to get over it tho as doing a 5k in Greenwich park in August, thats my next challenge, ha ha, running in public!

Why not bring your running shoes over with you? :)


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