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Week 8 Run 3 & very first Parkrun!!

I was a bit nervous about doing this Parkrun thing. Today was the very first Parkrun where I live so thought I would give it a go and make today's final run of Week 8 a bit more interesting. I needn't have been worried. Everyone was friendly and encouraging and I didn't finish last (which I had been really worried about!). I did get a problem with my shins hurting, so I'm going to have a 2 day rest break before my first Week 9 run. I did have to walk some of the 5k today, not much though, so I think I did a 28 minute stretch of running to make it my final week 8 run. Well I'm taking it anyway! Can't believe next week is Week 9!

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Well done :-) started my boy on parkruns today!


Well done! I have just done my Parkrun too, had to walk there and back as daughter has borrowed my car!

Rest and maybe ice your shins, don't want to be injured this close to graduation! :-)


Take care. Only 3 runs to go. Have an extra day's break if needed. I found it helped after some hard runs. Longing forward to your graduation blog.


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