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Shin Splints

Hi everyone, I'm still off from C25K, I had an athletic trainer check out my knee and he felt it was shin splints. So, I'm massaging the tender area with a chunk of ice for about 7 minutes 3 times a day and taking anti-inflammatory medicine. He also suggested exercising the injury by continuing walking in moderation and to not completely rest it. It is improving, the walking does aggravate it but the ice massage really helps, much more than when I just place an ice pack on it.

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Shin splits sounds awful. i hope they soon get better. GOOD FOR YOU keeping fit for your Grandchildren. A friend of mine was hobbling a bit and when I asked if she was alright said '"I'm thinking I am getting too old to do trampolining with Chloe" (aged 2) My friend is mid 80's and a wonderful inspiration to me!


Woooohooo love the sound of your friend! Soooooo inspirational, YAY! :D Have older two grandchildren here this evening .. Must consider a trampoline for the 3 year old i'll be having for the day on Monday! lLOL


I'm so pleased that you consulted an expert and are now treating your knee. I have an over 60 pal who recently walked a marathon with dodgy knees ... But all the while she was training, her physio was actively encouraging her to continue ... The walking strengthens all the muscles and ligaments that support the knee!

Now, she's done her 26 mile walk, she's with the rest of us on C25K - learning to up her tempo to running!! Her physio is utterly convinced that exercise is the way to complete health, she's encouraging and monitoring her all the way - no stretchy elastic supports, all gentle learning how to exercise and making her legs do what they are supposed to do!

Anyway, what I'm trying to say (clumsily, apols) is that I really am delighted that you are slowly planning your return when you are feeling better. Do as you are told and definitely in moderation ... I'm sure that is the key to complete healing. Take care, and don't get too frustrated: we're all here willing you back with us again soon. Lots of good wishes for a thorough recovery.

Cheers, Linda x :)


I started to get really bad pains in my shins when running by about week 3 and it was at this point people suggested I invest in a really good pair of running shoes. I did after having my running analysed and have never had pain since... I bought them at an acsis outlet store so were alot cheaper (about £45) but worth ever penny.

Hope you feel better soon and get back running.


Thanks for this tip. I had shin splints and had to rest for a week, iced and bought new trainers. I have continued to ice because I am frightened they will come back. I will definitely try the ice massage :-)


I graduated last November, continued running 5k and then started the B210k when shin splints hit at end of week 3 out of 6. Rest, anti-inflammatories and ice. After a complete 2 weeks off I have started back very gently and only managing to run for 24 mins (just got back and writing this whilst icing). I think rest is absolutely key, as we get older the risk of stress fracture increases so take it very slowly, listen to your body - this isn't a case of 'no pain no gain' and when you are ready to start back running be prepared to at least half what you had had been doing. Good luck and don't lose faith in your body or the programme!


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