Couch to 5K

Bring on week 7!

Last night, I ran for 25 mins without stopping on week 6, run 3. Not bad considering my daughter is 4 months old today! I took a different route as a treat for my longest run since starting the c25k programme and while it was a very pleasant route in the country, it meant the second half of my run was a steady incline afte a fairly sharp downhill to begin with. Nothing like making things difficult for yourself, huh?

Wildlife watch: a pheasant, 3 Shetland ponies, countless slugs

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Well done. I make sure never to do a hill, absolutely terrified of accidentally encountering one!

I ran week 7, run 1 today. It went ok, suffering with a few aches and pains so my pace was slower than the previous one but I was so determined to keep going and I did!

I like the idea of doing the 25 minute runs 4 times in total as I hope that by the fourth it should feel much easier....?!!

Good luck with week 7


Well done - that's really impressive given how recently you've had your baby (congrats on that too!). I've just finished W7R3 - week 7 has meant the final stretch has been all uphill for me too. Not sure I can say it's got easier - but at least I've done it!


Well done to both of you, too! Aren't we doing well? :-D


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