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I started - along with my friend - the programme on Monday and couldn't believe I finished it! Did the second one today and can't believe how hard it is. I have been walking since September and thought i was getting fit. I really can't see when i will come to a point where i will be able to run for 20 minutes non stop as i really look forward to the end of each 60 seconds to rest!! Did anyone else out there feel the same on beginning?


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  • Oh yes, took me a fair few weeks to get to 2 mins, never mind 20!

  • oh that's reassuring to know! thank you

  • Welcome and congrats on starting this wonderful program. I'm on week 8 and I really was just like you at the beginning. In the first couple weeks I was silently begging for the running interval to be over and 20 minutes seemed impossible. Now I'm running for 28 minutes at a time and while I wouldn't say it's easy, it is very possible! I think most people feel the way you do at the beginning but the program works, trust it and you will be amazed in a few weeks time. Keep going! :)

  • Thanks for this....its really inspiring to get this sort of feedback! Hope I'm the same as you by week 8!

  • Well done on starting, and on finishing your first run. Running can be a lot harder on you than walking, especially breathing wise. But just follow the programme, repeat runs if you need to, and come back and let us know how you're doing. Most people find it quite difficult in the beginning, even 90 seconds seems like a lifetime.

    You will get there, I promise. Try not to think about the 20 min run. Everything you're about to do will prepare you for it. And in the end, it will be your mind that you'll need to convince, not your body.

    Good luck to you and your friend. Great to have you.

  • Great advice...thanks so much!

  • Yes; it's tough but you'll be able to do it if you "obey" Laura.

  • sorry to sound ignorant but who is laura?

  • Laura is the lovely voice on the podcast telling you when to run.

  • Laura is the voice on the podcast. Are you using the NHS C25K?

  • no - am just doing it myself.


    You can download the podcasts on here.

  • cheers!

  • i started the C25K also this week well yesterday actually lol i had a feeling it was going to be tough but my god i know what you mean about looking forward to the end of a 60 second run :) it does feel good to complete it though? 1 of those raise your fist in the air and "Yes I've Done It!" moments? Well done and good luck :)

    Please keep in touch and let me know about your progress as we may be able to help each other through difficult times and egg each other on a bit :)

  • oh fantastic ...i certainly will....good luck to you too!

  • We are all like that at the beginning! One little tip - don't try looking too far ahead at the runs because you may loose confidence that you will do it. Trust the pod casts and keep it slow and steady to start with. You'll manage to do it! Keep coming back to this wonderful blog site and you will be inspired! Well done for starting.

  • Thank you all so much for your truly inspiring words! Great advice from you all

  • in addition to what everyone else has already said I would just add that you need to trust in the plan, have faith even when you think it will be impossible - believe in yourself and you will get there & only aim to take it one run at a time... the next run is the most important one,

    - the plan has worked for everyone on here plusa few thousand more people - so it can work for you too - you will surprise yourself along the way with just what you are capable of doing.

    Laura will become your instant friend - and we will be your support network - we've either already done it or are in the process of doing it - so know pretty much what you're going through too - feel free to post & ask away.

    Above all else - well done on getting off the couch - good luck & Happy Running

  • The good news is that we're all in this together and everyone is very supportive!

    I was given a great piece of advice when I bought my running trainers, which was "You can never run too slow". I'm certainly not fast (the understatement of the year!) but I've completed w7r2 and am enjoying my runs and getting fitter each week.

    Good luck, keep going and you'll succeed! :)

  • Completely. Read my blog from yesterday! Could not run a few feet at the start and just done the end of week 5 which has a 20 minute run. I done it!!!!! Never ever thought I would. So proud of myself. Good luck with it and keep going.

  • Thanks everyone - you're a tonic!

  • I am on Week 2 now, and couldn't do it without Laura, I was dreading the increase in time running for this week, but was amazed when I did it and actually enjoyed it!!!

    I also feel that I will never get to run the full 30mins/5K but will continue through the plan, and even if I don't get there, am so happy with whatever level I achieve.

    I have also found the camaraderie and mixed abilities of the park run on Saturday morning quite motivational. Good Luck and keep it up x

  • Thanks katee - good luck x

  • Just came across your blog mummysgirl and thought I'd throw in my two penneth'worth.

    Today - June 28th I graduated. 9 weeks ago I was like you, wondering how on earth I would ever run 20 mins non stop. I followed the plan and stuck to it like a well behaved schoolboy and lo and behold, 9 weeks later I'm running 5K in under 30 mins.

    If you had asked me then about running 5K, even in an hour I would have said - "Forget it! I couldn't run that distance? That's Mo Farrah territory!" Today I did that (obviously at double the time it takes our Mo...but he's an Olympic gold medallist!!)

    So stick with it. Don't rush. Repeat runs if required and in 9 or maybe 10, 11 or even 12 weeks time you will be running 5 kilometres.

    As Laura says "Go for it!"


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