very new to c25k

Hi all,

I started c25k yesterday, main motivation is that I have had 2 kids and slightly put on weight or maybe a lot. My first run yesterday was obviously very hard, I'm hoping it gets a bit easier? today, i woke up and notice aches in muscles i didnt even know i had, but i felt good because, that ache has come from doing something difficult. Im half excited, half nervous about going out again tomorrow but i will do this! today i also started the strength and flex plan, which was so much fun and also felt really good to stretch the achy muscles. How did you all feel when you all started c25k?


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  • Hiya saf and welcome :) good news is you've done the toughest run of the programme :) ... and you seem very positive about it which will make for a great start.. before long you will be hooked and amazed at your progress.. tips for success.. keep on the forum you will get so much advice and support and make some good friends along the way... :) take your runs long as you do that you will get there..

    Look forward to seeing your progress..

    We all felt the same as you.. but we love it !!! Good luck x

  • What about *your* progress, how is the knee going?

  • Sorry secan..only just seen this.. fab news my pain has all but gone and my MRI is thurs physio mon..hoping she gives me the all clear to try a liitle run monday afternoon:) x

  • Ps and very wise to start the stretch and flex. It's invaluable :)

  • Well done - you've already taken the biggest step! I think the first runs are hard for many of us - I remember willing myself through the last few seconds of each one in Week 1. Just take it slowly and gently, listen to Laura, and follow the programme - you will be amazed at what you achieve over the next weeks.

  • thanks guys, sparky, i took your advice today and went at a steady pace and also concentrated on my breathing and i loved every minute of it, i didnt even feel like i had been running apart from the buzz i felt after, i really cannot wait until wednesday to go out again, i also cannot wait for my support bra to arrive lol i feel really proud of myself right now and i still have energy left to do some gardening! Saturday i didnt think 5k would be possible, now i feel like as i get stronger i can do it. and as for the forum, well it has already proved invaluable, its also nice to have people to talk to who understand the feeling of acheivement, dont get me wrong, my partner is very supportive but, you guys have done it and made it.

  • Brilliant saph.. chuffed for you:) I'm just giggling away reading this.. just you wait... if your atall like me by week 5.. you will have a new obsession.. food shop needs done.. yes..then it's only the sports aisles you navigate to.. anything running related.. and my partner yeah he's supportive also.. but I have caught him roll his eyes a few times with my running talk..

    But you can talk anything running related here and will receive plenty eager replies and chat:) I'm determined to be back out next week..feeling stronger by the day :) keep up the good work.. the whole programme is tough you will have great days.. hard days and times to test your inner strength.. but you sound so hooked already I don't doubt your graduation as planned xxx

  • aww thank you sparky, i have actually left myself accidentally bankrupt this week oops but hey i get a new sportsbra :) i am well and truly hooked, i have been itching all day but, iknow i need to stick to rest days aswell :( roll school run in the morning. Did you repeat week 1 at all? someone said to me they did and i should if I need to but after yesterdays, i dont feel i need to but am worried im going to start week 2 and really struggle? xxx

  • Most here say if you've completed a run move will be amazed how your body can do it..and it will.. just(little caution here) as I had injury after week 8.. any pain more than an ache take an extra rest day..and see how it feels.. I was only 4 runs away from graduation.. but that was are you and this is your know your body best..

    Another wee tip.. your head tells you all sorts.. we call the negative ones gremlins.. Ooh gosh..they cause such a will come across them put up a good fight and that run will be in the bag..and your strength of character will's so brilliant this journey..I don't want to spoil it all for you.. you will find out:) trust the programme..keep reading posts..and post your struggles worries..success and feelings of brilliance:) have fun.. no more bouncy boobs next run ;)

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