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W8R3 done - and 3 personal bests today!

OK, I have to admit it, I'm NOT running anywhere near Beirut at the moment, so the relative cool of a morning in Britain is rather easier for running.

According to endomondo, I had personal bests for the Cooper (distance run in 12 minutes), km and mile. My average speed even crept over 10km/hr, so I'm pretty pleased with that. Hoping that the extra 2 minutes in week 9 will be enough to get me to 5km by the end of the 3rd run. If not, then in my "Week 10" I'll just keep running till I get up to 5km.

Have to admit that I've yet to hit that mythical runners high, and am wondering how to keep myself motivated once week 9 is completed. Maybe I should sign myself up for a park run so I have something to aim at...

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oh believe me - now that you have tasted what it's like to get those endomondo trophies, and that you can see the 5k is doable, just you wait for the fantastic feeling you will get when she says in your ears "5k in ....."

..... doesn't matter what it's in, the fact is you can and will do 5k very very soon - and you will have that little smile, whoop & cheer - that's the runners high.

my only advice is to resist any temptation to push on too hard - it's so easy to injure yourself and think it's just a running ache.

Good luck for W9 & Happy Running


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