Second parkrun - and a personal best!

Second parkrun - and a personal best!

Good morning everyone!

I have just come back from the Mile End parkrun - 5km of hills, slopes, and the daunting Green Bridge. It was warm and quite humid, so a bit of a struggle today - but I kept running for almost the whole 5K, apart from a minute's walk during one of my struggles up and over the bridge.

I have just seen my result on the parkrun site - I did it in 38:57 minutes! "Gobsmacked" would be a very weak way of describing how I feel just now.

Just - blimey!

Here is a photo of the Green Bridge, just to show what it is like. (Apologies for readers in the Lake District or Scotland - this probably looks really tame to you!)

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  • Well done Katie204 ☺

  • You did brilliantly.. well done and with this humidity too!

    That gremlin Billy Goat Gruff did not get you on the bridge either...Well done!

  • That's a point, Oldfloss! I forgot that all sorts of horrible hairy beasties can live under bridges. I'm pretty sure the Green Bridge has a resident of that nature!

  • Thanks both! I was well chuffed, especially since I thought I'd been struggling. My actual time might have been even faster, as I spent nearly a minute looking for the bar-code recording person when I finished.

  • Don't worry about that Katie, you're time is set when you go over the line and get the tag with the bar code , and that's a great time 😊

  • Great work Katie and a fab time x

  • Fantastic effort! Well done. It is really tough running in this heat at the moment.

  • Well done, Katie! How funny, that is EXACTLY the same speed as my 5k today. Can't wait to do a parkrun myself.

  • Cor Blimey !

    Well done Katie , fantastic achievement ! :-) xxx

  • Nice one, well done Katie πŸ˜€

  • Great run Katie.😊

  • Brilliant work Katie204 -PB smashed!πŸ‘

  • Thank you, sir - and many congratulations on your own Parkrun achievement!

  • Nice one Katie, so nice to be able to go out and do a 5k and with your time you must be over the moon.

    Doesn't look too tame to me either. I believe our local parkrun (in Scotland) is reasonably flat but I can't confirm because I've never tried it. My running partner is very nervous and doesn't really like change or lots of people so never really considered it. I don't know if I could cope with the guilt trip of getting my running gear together with her looking on thinking she was getting out for her run.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • There were a couple of four-legged parkrunners out today! But I can understand your companion's concerns - a crowd of 200-plus people is a heck of a thing to face first thing in the morning.

    Having looked at the full list of runners from our park, I notice that there are a lot of harriers in the group. That would explain the muscly men pounding past and lapping me - and the leading male parkrunner, who did the 5K in 14:50 minutes (gasp!).

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