Couch to 5K

Week 8 under way......and I think I've become addicted

So we are into the penultimate week and I can't believe it. 1 min seemed a long time in week 1, and now I'm relatively happy running 25 mins plus, what progress!

I was confident that an extra 3 mins would be achievable but when I had a pain in my ankle after the first two mins I wasn't so sure. It took a lot of determination to push through the pain, but managed it and kept to my usual pace of about 7.5 mins per km (about 37.5 mins for 5k). It's still relatively hard work but I take that as a sign that it's doing me some good.

We've decided that we need to take water with us for the longer runs so need to look for running bottles, any suggestions?

I noticed the other day that my thighs have suddenly become really toned, just wish my belly was the same! Mind you my trousers are becoming looser by the week and even my new jeans that I bought recently have definitely got some spare material now!

Run 2 on Thursday and then I'm away at the weekend driving a team on the three peaks challenge and I might be able to do Snowdon at the end of it. But it means run 3 won't be until next Monday at the earliest and I think I'm actually going to miss it over the weekend, what's happened to me?!?! Missing running, I'd never have thought it! Am I now a running addict?

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well done! Amazing how it sneaks up on you, isn't it ;-)


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