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Week4 Done - Really need calf pain advice!

So I completed week4 this morning and here is how week 4 went:

Run1 - sailed through it! :D

Run2 - just about managed :)

Run3 - thought about giving up 3 times while running but I didn't :(

Its not even the breathing I am having problems with, its mainly the leg pains especially the calf muscles. This morning was especially hell for my legs. I am not sure what the problem is, maybe my legs can't handle the overweight body of mine. If it weren't for these aches my pace would have been so much better and not snails pace :(

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I'm overweight too and found that I had bad calf pain in the first few weeks, but not whilst running, it was the walking sections. Are you finding the same? I found that this improved once I was doing the longer runs, (end of week 5 onwards). After that point I had no pain in my legs which I think was a combination of continuous running and my legs getting stronger/fitter. I also make sure I stretch properly after a run and keep the pace up during the warm up walk. Hope this helps.


The pains go away by mid-day. Its while both running and walking that it really hurts. I also had to do heavy walking on break/rest days. Maybe my legs didnt like it but I normally like walking and used to it.


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