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Any suggestions for calf pain


Hallo, after graduating back in May I've been pootling along nice and steady usually covering 4-5k (I'm quite chunky and slow). I haven't been getting out as much now the evenings are darker but usually once or twice a week. I've been really lucky so far and had no injuries but today I got a localised cramp in the middle of my calf which made me stop and walk awhile but I managed to walk/jog home. Its not hugely painful but still there especially when i flex my toes towards my knees. Just wondering if anyone had any advice or if its best to rest it for a while?

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There can be other causes, but hydration a big factor with cramping... were you thirsty at any point before the run? Sipping water all day will stop that feeling and thirst is a slight dehydration. Also keeping up with the post run stretches and cross training like yoga can help... as can foam rolling, a wonderfully effective self torture routine. A lot of other cramps come at the limits of our fitness so footballers tend to suffer them if a game goes into extra time... you’re not indicating either pushing speed or distance so I don’t think it’s that.

If it’s just a cramp you may be more susceptible to them again for a little while so drop the pace a little if you can. If it persists try an extra rest day and/or go see a physio and get it checked out.

Thanks for your comments, it has eased up a lot this morning ...think ill try a roller and stretching too

I ran 5k on Christmas Day, and then went out again for 5k on Boxing Day. I walked to warm up but leg felt crappy part way on run, it then disappeared until I was almost at the end. Oh boy did it then grab me. I could hardly walk. The pain later in the day was still there and it is still uncomfortable five days later. I went in my usual Park Run Saturday but walked most of the way. I am now scared to run again. I tried a foam roller but to be honest I didn’t know what to do with it properly. I am so new to all this! I feel your pain (and mine 😪)

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Ouch, hope it resolves.


I get calf cramps. Hydration is definitely a good call by UnFitNoMore. I now wear compression calf sleeves on longer runs and find they help - it’s why you may spot people apparently running in ugly knee-length socks! You can get them for under £10 on Amazon (other shops are available!)

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Thank you


I would try stretching and using a foam roller. Google “runners world yoga.” The recovery session is great, it has stretches especially for runners.

There loads of videos on You Tube on how to use a foam roller. 🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏃🏻‍♀️

Thanks, I used to do a bit of yoga but not since I started running, its time to unroll the mat

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