Couch to 5K

Is it ok to increase by this much?

The last couple of runs we did 4.5 k. I'm hoping to do one more then thinking of increasing distance again. I know 10% is the recommendation but do you guys think it'll be ok for "next week" to go to 5k , an increase of slightly over 10%? We are taking it very steady, going around 8mins per km (increasing a bit on the last 1/2 k). I felt I could have carried on a bit, but legs aching now! Once we've hit 5k then we need to find out next challenge - upping the pace I reckon!

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It's a rule of thumb to stop you doing something silly, feel free to break it, bit don't push yourself too hard.


Just don't push too hard, make sure you take regular days off. Maybe give yourself a couple of easy weeks after the 5k before you start on the next challenge.

I built up to 10k and am now working on my 10k speed which I'm finding a tougher challenge than increasing the distance. Good luck with the 5k and whatever you decide on next!


Yes - it's only another 50 metres. Go for it and enjoy :)


Just be sensible. You will know yourself if you feel you can do it. I've increased my distance substantially and rapidly of late with no ill effects (OK, a couple of blisters), but we're not all the same.

I did my first 5k on 25/04. I concentrated on trying to improve my 5k time for a couple of weeks, then threw in a 6k, followed by a 6.3k. Then I made a big jump to 10k the next week. A couple of 10k runs were OK, so I went up to 15K...a week later (Sunday, just gone)I went for it and did a half marathon distance 13.1 miles (21k ish). So, in three months I've gone from 5k to 21k. That said, I am slow (very much a 'plodder') and my half marathon was achieved with 12 minute miles on the whole. I'm nothing special (my BMI is obese), so don't rule out being able to make significant improvements in distance - just do so at a pace you're comfortable with.


Thanks guys!


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