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Week 7 Run 3 - Mojo Nogo

I had mused over the weekend what it would be like maintaining a running regime over the winter. I found out this morning (24th June!!), not easy.

I set out in good spirits (W7R2 had been great - actually ran for 30 mins, and did 5K), but when Laura said 'time to run' today, I just felt this mental hill had suddenly loomed in front of me. 25 minutes seemed an age away, and as I ran, I just kept thinking about stopping. I hate these kind of days!

Anyway, I did it. I ran the 25 minutes, and RunKeeper said I had done 3.1 miles by the end of 30 minutes (5 + 25 mins). So I really cannot complain. I just felt really negative about the whole thing today. I think new weather, and new route are needed.

(BTW, serious question - how do you keep motivated in the winter, when it is cold, windy and grey, much like today?)

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Oh Nerdio, please look on the bright side, YOU DID IT, despite the winter weather and your brain being mean to you!

Imagine going out at all in the past!

I am also worried about the dark cold winter days. I have put a 5k city race in the calendar for November to give me a goal/motivation.

I am learning methods to block out those little voices in my head that nag at me saying I can't do it. My hubby promises me that in the winter, half the battle is getting dressed and getting out the door. Then you want to run to warm up! I'm yet to be convinced.


That's what I love about this blog. Everything is just fine really, just need someone to tell you so. Week 8 now, bring it on. I know I can do it, I did it on Week 7 Run 2, but I am going to do the whole thing by the 'podcast'.

Thanks 'mother_of_3_boys'.


I did Week7 Run1 on Saturday and felt pretty much the same as you. It seemed tedious and I felt exhausted from the start. I did find my pace though, and settled into the run, and I finished it. I didn't really 'enjoy' it but still was delighted to have completed it. It has me worried about the other runs going forward now, I hope that was just a blip and this evening's run will be fine.

I agree maybe we need to change our route just to mix it up a bit, but I'm a real creature of habit and the thought of that panics me a bit!!

I'm also thinking that in the cold winter months it will be a case of just getting out there, and then you'll have to run to warm up!


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