Couch to 5K

Gastropods R Us

Out for W7R3 this morning, decided to brave changing route like Laura has tried suggesting each time this week ;). Why wouldn't she be right? Don't know but I was kind of attached to my route.... anyway, I found a new one and just went with the flow. I found a lovely one through some new fields and along the canal. Really nice tracks along there that I'd forgotten about (been pony trekking there before with my son).

I'm constantly amazed at how much I am enjoying the running lark. I used to be a competitive swimmer, but it is a whole different level of BORING to train in a pool. Not sure why I ever thought I wouldn't like running outside in the fresh air!!!???

It is cool and damp out there today, I was light footed dodging Gastropods of various types. Huge slug, small slug, whopper snail, petite snail, stripey slug and skinny slug (he was the one who ate ALL my lettuces, but they aren't fattening). I suppose living in France I should pick up the Escargot and have a garlic snail breakfast :D (*puke*)

And I wasn't a snail today; I just calculated that I did the fastest run ever. About 9.6km/h average. From 0km/h to 9.6km/h.

I will enter a local 5km city run in November, and want to not come last in my age group (BIG GOAL), I have a glimpse of confidence that I could manage this.

Guys, to all of you out there just starting out, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!!!

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Thanks for that, I too need to re-think my route as I did Week7 Run1 on Saturday and found it quite tedious, but I'm a creature of habit and dread the thought of running somewhere new! Glad that it worked out for you.

That's a great speed, you'll definitely not come last in that 5k city run :-)


I just dad week 7 run 2 and so far I have stuck with my route, maybe I will try a new one for the last run of week 7 (gulp)


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