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Week Two, Done! :D

Hello all!

Happy to have week two done with but I really am stressed about week 3. Sounds a little sad compared to some further along but I'm panicking (ish) about the 3 minute runs. It was particularly hard today because of that time of the month- I'm sure there's a few that have felt that way, before! Tired and grumpy, combined with wind and rain, is not a good thing- let along the cramps!

I had to wait two days between runs this week as my shins were starting to become really sore, but today I got new trainers and I'm hoping it'll ease off, now :)

Anyway, I'm going to give a full blog post in my usual space, later ( which I tend to be more detailed in. Not yet, mind. I have some ice cream to eat as a celebration for completing week 2!!

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Speaking as a chap; ewwww, too much information!!

Seriously though, keep going. My wife is at about the same stage as you (having had an enforced break for dental work and to write school reports), but she will get back out (tonight?).

Just remember that it is a wonderful thing you are doing. You ARE doing it, and that makes you a fully fledged runner; and I am impressed.

Week 3 looks worse than it is. Take it easy, look after your legs, and listen to what your body is telling you. If it hurts - STOP. If it is OK, keep going and enjoy(?) the run.

You CAN do it ~ and I can stop using capitals too!


Awwww, thanks :D

Now I feel inspired AND motivated! Thank God for capitals! ;)


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