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can't believe i have completed week 2 :)

i joined a gym in February with a friend who is 20 years younger than myself, and have found it really hard to keep motivated, i come home aching and dreading going again, that is til i discovered the couch to 5k and wow i am hooked, i got my son to download the podcasts for me, i went round the gym on my own (which i wouldn't dare do a couple of weeks ago) and got going on the treadmill and went for it , i have never enjoyed any sort of exercise before but i came home full of energy and couldn't wait til the next run.i let my friend know what i have been doing and she is giving it a go too, i love this program and am so pleased with myself for getting this far , long may it continue :)

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I'm so happy for you! This plan is quite special and it really works! Don't stop, keep it going and you'll be so amazed at what you achieve. :)


That's great to hear. Now get yourself out in the fresh air and hear the birds sing and you'll feel even BETTER!


It's surprising just how much this plan motivates us. I'm pleased you have found something that you obviously enjoy doing. All the best for the rest of your programme.


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