It's over!

Can't quite believe it but Laura and I have had our last run together. Felt apprehensive as my first two successful week 9 runs were on the treadmill after a shambolic try outside in that hot and sweaty weather that ended in an epic fail!! Anyhow today very windy but took everyone's advice and took it really slowly...and I did it! So that's it until of course I start investigating the next challenge. Thanks to everyone who gives such valuable advice and support. Woul never have dreamed that I could have done this a couple of months back. Wonderful! Now I just have to keep it up!

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  • Well done Alex. Apparently there are other Laura poddies that you can use to improve. That way, it'll feel less like a break up and more like a "Let's stay friends" kinda thang?!

  • Thanks for that. Am investigating that right now....just listened to 5k+ one and those beats per minute! Just goes to show how slowly I'm running. 150 bpm seem like being jet propelled. How are you getting along?

  • Good thanks. Week 9 run 1 done today and it went well.

  • Only two more to go! it's all quite extraordinary....

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