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Woohoo!!! 10km 2 weeks after graduating

Hi all!

I was meant to run for 9km this morning and planned a route for this. I started at a slow pace that I knew I could keep up for the 9km and once I got to 8km I felt good and saw no reason why I shouldn't run for the further 6 minutes and reach 10km. So I changed my route slightly to add the extra 1km and reached 10km in just over 63 minutes. Not very fast but I can work on running a sub 60 minute 10km now!

Also I ran through a park that I don't normally use and ran right past the beginning of a ParkRun! I might have to join them one day!

Here are my splits:

1km - 6'10"

2km - 6'30"

3km - 6'04"

4km - 6'24"

5km - 6'24"

6km - 6'17"

7km - 6'11"

8km - 6'29"

9km - 6'29"

10km - 6'25"

and here is a link to my run:

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well done ....great stats, you are doing brilliantly! You should do Parkruns, they are really good fun



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