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10k Programme advice needed

Hi, I've just completed the C25K, and found it pretty manageable. I'm moving on now to training for 10K.

I have downloaded the Guy Hoffman B210K programme, and in some ways it seems like a step backwards - back to intervals again, and a good few weeks before it seems to push ahead.

However, I can see that I can use the interval running to build up my speed, and to do some hill work.

I've looked online and there are lots of programmes out there, but none seems quite right for me.

Would it be doable to add five minutes a week? Or is that moving on to quickly? - it would be 7 weeks to 60 mins, rather than Hoffman's 10 weeks.

I'm planning on running 3 times a week, plus I swim.

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I just ran my first 10km this morning! I didn't follow any of the programmes because I was like you and didn't think I needed the walking intervals. I have been running 3 times a week, 2 of them have been 5km runs and the other one started at 7km and I added 1km each week to it. I was meant to run 9km this morning but ran 10km because I felt good at 8km. I don't know if this is best for everyone but I had already been doing a lot of cardio work before I began C25K (cycling, cross training and some HIIT type exercises) so once I completed C25K I felt that 10km wasnt far away. Obviously this wont work for everyone and you shouldn't push yourself too much, slow and steady is always the best way to go.


I would recommend Audiofuel and 'silky steve' as I call him. It really gets your pace going well, and there are intervals every half an hour so you can slow jog or walk. I have the 2 hour run free ( in two parts). I haven't got to 2 hours yet but thats my aim!!


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