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Advice needed re HIIT, BodyBoss


I've been reading about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and wondered whether any one does it on their running rest days? There's a program called BodyBoss, which seems to be aimed at women, that I keep seeing on Facebook. It's structured so that you do three weekly workouts, with rest days in between, so could feasibly fit nicely into the my C25K rest days.

However, although it's seems to be great for strength and toning it's all done on a mat eg lunges, squats, and other similar stuff done at great speed and great intensity), it also seems to be very cardio/ aerobic/ or maybe even anaerobic. Would that mean it's too much to do on a running rest day, not giving me recovery? I'm a bit confused!

I think my main priority in getting fit is to do it in a way that avoids injury, and is as health promoting as possible. I don't care about getting a six pack! 😁

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I'd say don't do HIIT on your rest days, I've done HIIT before, when done properly it can be very good BUT, you also need rest days for that too.

Personally, I'd look at gym work, swimming, etc. You could build some muscle to help burn fat that will have roughly the same effect as HIIT.

To get fit, stick with the plan and maybe add in some gym work, you WILL get fit.


Thanks for that Lee. The rest days really are very important. I suppose part of the confusion for me is that the NHS recommendations 30 mins of aerobic exercise 5 times a week, but C25K is only three times a week, with a stress on maintaining the rest days. How do we get in the other 2 days of exercise?!


Try swimming or jump on a treadmill (if you have access to one) and set the incline to 7-10 degrees and walk for 20-30 minutes.

Try to do something that isn't high impact, HIIT is definitely high impact.


Thanks again Lee, I'll avoid high impact in that case!


I agree HIIT is not a rest day activity. I did three months of HIIT prior to C25K (and I have to say it just shreds fat), and now as the days get shorter I will return to HIIT training and reduce my running to once a week. Trying to do both will be too much for you.


Thanks Whatsapp, I appreciate the advice. That sounds like a good plan for you. Fatshredding is something I would like a little of! Hopefully running will help with that! 🏃

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General advice is not to do 2 "hard" workout days consecutively.. So maybe swap one of your run days for the HIIT training or at least have an easy activity before and after the HIIT.


Thanks Andy, I think I thought it would tick the "strength training" box, but clearly not the right choice!


I dont know anything about what you are describing but it sounds quite full on!!! I am a recent convert to bodypump which is very strength focussed with weights, squats, lunges etc. I was a bit sceptical at first about the benefits but now I feel a huge difference when powering up hills etc... however it sounds like you are still on the programme so it may be best to do something more gentle like swim, walk, cycle, strength and flex perhaps?


Thanks, that's good advice! I'll keep it gentle for now! Hmm, BodyPump sounds interesting! 😏 I had a look at the NHS Strength and Flex, but I don't have railings and a park bench in my front room....!


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