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Week 8 - Run 2 - Done!

A bit of a mixed bag this one. It was really warm yesterday afternoon when I set out on my usual hilly trail run, determined not to make a wrong turn this time!

A lot of the route had been taped off to mark out a mountain bike race, so I had to keep stopping to stoop under tapes across the path. I don't think the race was underway, because I didn't see anyone. I was doing fine, settled into a steady pace, until I got to the killer hill. It seemed a lot steeper and a lot longer this time.

My calves were on fire when I finally got to the summit and bumbled off down the inviting downhill bit. I got back into my stride and even went the right way for a change, and promptly wished I hadn't. I was so tempted to turn around and take the wrong way again as I saw the long uphill slog stretch out into the distance ahead of me.


Onward and upward I thought. I was going so slow up this bleeding hill it would have been much quicker to get out and walk :) .

The brow of the hill finally made it into view just as Laura said 'That's it!'. I felt cheated! No way was I going to walk the serious down hill stretch on the other side, so I carried on and bombed down hill for a further 4 mins. :) I really enjoyed that bit! I had to be a bit creative to fit the warm down walk in by circling the car park to some strange looks from a couple sat in their car. :)

So in total I ran for 32 mins and covered 4.3k not too bad for a mountainous route!

I think I am going to start going the wrong way again though :) .

Only 4 runs left :) .


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well done for hanging in there - hills often defeat me - but I keep tackling them so i can get better at them. 4 runs to go - well done. Look fwd to seeing that graduation post :-)


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