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Wk1 runs 1,2,3 (female, 49)

Hi there - im feeling a bit dispirited as I have only managed to get to part 6 in each of the initial programmes. I seem to completely de-energise!I complete the sessions by walking briskly but dont know why I cant do it!

I thought initially that my expectations were unrealistic, but after reading several posts on the forum - it seems that I am in the minority.

Should I do half programmes daily?

Any assistance would be most welcome.


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Could it be that you are setting off too fast and tiring yourself out quickly? The best advice I had at the beginning was 'Slow and steady'. Keep telling yourself that, slow the pace a little and you'll probably make it to the end! Good luck.


Half programmes daily is probably not a good idea - you need the rest days between runs. Are you setting out too fast, perhaps? It's easier if you can keep it slow. On one of the podcasts Laura says that if you were running alongside a tall hedge where only the top of your head was visible a person on the other side should not be able to tell if you are running or walking. I just lightly jog without taking my feet too far off the ground at the moment, I find it easier that way and I will, no doubt improve with time. Are your trainers suitable? There are many reasons why you may be finding it difficult but please try to persevere and just do what you can because you will, sooner or later, find that you can keep going for the whole session. Just one other thought - it might be worth checking with your doctor just in case there is something causing the situation. Best of luck with your next attempts.


Hi wannab - just wanted to say that I had a similar experience in wk1. I found it difficult to complete each run and would have to stop 4 or 5 seconds before the end on a couple of runs. I didn't let this stop me moving on to wk2, and found that I completed the 90 second runs fine! It seemed that I had more of a mental block and moving on and asking more of my body just seemed to work. I am now on wk5 and have completed all runs ok. (Although I have the dreaded 20 mins run to come over the weekend, so who knows...?)

Also agree with the other replies who say about speed, trainers and doc etc. Hopefully you will find the cause soon and then can move on - and then you'll look back and laugh at this as a minor 'blip' in weeks to come!! Good luck with your next run!


Ah..thank u all very much.

I think too fast even tho it feels like im"doing a dad run". The hedgeis a really good example, im pretty sure my trainers are ok, it's what fills them that need renewing:-)

I will go forth tmoro...thanks guys:-)


I am on week one as well! First run was a nightmare! Felt really exhausted after but went on my second run tonight and don't feel so bad. I spent 2 weeks preparing to start this programme.I powerwalked 4k to get my stamina up before I started running and I think it has helped to be honest. Maybe you could go back to the beginning and start with a fresh slate. It is really hard but you can do it!


Yep emmsf - sound advice to build up, I think

thats the sensible option,i actualy think that my walk is probably faster than my run!I d feel v.reassured now and tmoro is a new day.

Thanks again:-)


My walking was faster than my running to start with, and was about the same as my running even by week 9. So don't be too worried if you don't speed up a lot. It's keeping moving that matters. :)


I think I had to repeat the Week 1 podcast going on for 18 times before I completed the three. I thought it was going to be a 9 month programme for me rather than 9 weeks. But I found Week 2 much easier and never looked back... and then tried Week 1 again after graduation and found it really hard!

I am sure you are going about it the right way by keeping at it as long as you can and walking the rest of the session (rather than giving up altogether or not running all of some of the runs and then running again later) - you can see clearly how you are doing and can be pleased if you do 6 again, and then seven and then 8 and then 8 another two times. It only needs to be a different motion in the 'runs' not a different speed for now (I can't brisk walk for as long as I can run!)


Hi Guys!

Woohoozz !

Thanks to ALL of your terrific advice - I have completed a section. It was smaller steps and the same pace as a brisk walk.

I feel as though ive finished a marathon - bring on monday:-)


Well Done!! Good on you!


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