Couch to 5K

Stepping stones = feels good

After much dithering on this site about stepping stones v other audiofuel podcasts - I rather nervously set out this monring on the stepping stones podcast. I was anxious I wouldn't be able to keep up or be able to follow the beat. But it was fine. I discovered the 150 pace was slower than my natural running speed - which is a good thing as I often run out of puff. Did the first two ok - with a couple of catch breath stops in second section. But decided to power through the last five mins - which I managed, with a sprint finished. And felt quite pleased- and feel I would like to do this again now i know what to expect. Good to have something to aim for again - I am going to try the interval programme on Tues- as I quite like the dizzy feeling from lack of oxygen :-)

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try stamina, thats great too :)


Think I'm going to take a look at these. I need something to move me on. Been sticking with week 9 but I'm getting a bit stale.



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