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.... Like making a cake

So all the ingredients were wrong...

1. Really intense day at work mentally and I felt SOOO tired

2. My running buddy is on a school trip to our nations capital :(

3. My Nike app decided not to work so I have no idea what I did

4. Loads of teenage school kids everywhere smirking at me..

5. In the mood for loads of swearing but I couldn't even do that as I couldn't breathe due to hayfever which I thought was better.

6. The 2 hill run is always a killer

On the plus side

Body still feels good

I had a high five with an older gentleman runner as we passed... Oh yes

My new orange sweatband arrived today

I have decided that the rules of running are that there are no rules ;

Run free everyone


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Still with the lists, eh ... ;-)

1. I know how you feel about going out after an intense day. Not sure I could do it - something competitive like squash yes, as you get into the game and forget everything else, but running, no. First thing is the best option for me, particularly with the long days, and that gives a lift for the rest of the day.

2. Gives you time to improve and catch him up...

3. Get a Garmin watch and stop fiddling with your phone. :)

4. Teenagers, what a nightmare - be grateful you haven't got one. Oh wait ...

5. Hayfever's no fun, but I reckon the swearing is down to your choice of the 2 hill run

6. There are some big tall sand dunes near here which my daughter's ultra fit Swedish yoga teacher makes her class run up and down a couple of times. And despite Malcy's great decription of trail running I've decided that discretion etc I will stick to sea level for the time being.

Not sure I'd dare high five a female runner here - they all stare fixedly ahead and ignore everyone else. Most of the men nod and say 'Bon jour' or give an acknowledging wave, but the women just blank you.

Orange. Hmm.

Keep enjoying the runs - the good and not-so-good.. :)


great reply Landesman...

1. SQUASH!!! I wouldn't have a clue, its a bit male for me

2. good point

3. Good idea, phone is also bulky on thigh

4. He is already showing the glad my daughter is only 8

5. it was a killer but I wanted to practice for parkrun, Yelling helps when its hard

6. I wish I had an ultra fit Swedish teacher :)

Sand dunes- how lovely

Most women here just give me dirtly looks even though I smile, I delight in swearing behind their backs. I am sorry women are letting the side down. I'd poke my tongue out at them if I were you, that might get a reaction!

Happy running :)


I've decided I need to do the McEnroe look and get a sweatband, the buff is too hot to soak up the sweat in this weather. Orange though? I'll pass on that, but give me a heads up if you find a fluorescent pink one!


Amazon- all colours available with matching wristbands too ( which I will be sporting later in neon orange). It really helps absorb the sweat :)

Everyone round here knows me for my orange headband....mixed reviews but the butcher loves it and always beeps and waves!


Found lots on eBay now, the key word in the search is 'neon'!!!!

Sweat hurts when it drips into your eyes!


Sounds like you are missing your boy.

I have taken two days off from running as work for me too has been manic (NHS hospital life) and I simply cannot fit it in. So well done for getting out there.

You should have a 'no tech' run once a week and just enjoy.

Going to try to get away at a reasonable time today and get a run in tonight.

Have a good weekend :-) :-)


Oh, can't wait to see the new headband :-D


How funny I am with NHS too ( community) Not on call but i got called at 5 today so just dealt with it too tired to argue!!! I need a run to recover.. Have a good one!



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