Will my energy ever increase?

I'm now on W5 and started this for several reasons, but also in the hope that it would help with my permanent tiredness, but I still don't seem to have got a boost of energy. Had really hoped that getting some fitness into my life would also give me some more energy but finding that I get home from work and want to immediately sleep. Have any of you found your energy increased after starting this?


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  • I too hoped to feel energised but I've decided it may be an urban myth. I do find I have less energy than before but have had an erratic few weeks which won't have helped.

    Have you looked at Low GI foods? I have found that style of eating does help a bit.

  • You maybe need to get a check up by your doc, constant tiredness could mean you have an underlying problem which could be easily addressed once diagnosed. Your diet could also play a big part in lack of energy. If your lack of energy has been a problem for some time for no apparent reason make an appointment. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks Beek, I've not looked at low GI foods but will do. I've felt tired for several years now and nothing seems to be able to shift it. I've had blood tests done and really hoped that some regular exercise would help, but starting to believe it will never happen. Also on anti-depressants so maybe it's just a side effect of that and there's nothing I can do about it :(

  • I have recently been put on anti-depressants and could 'sleep for England' now. (I hate that side effect!) I am hoping that in time the exercise will replace the tablets. Hope you soon feel better!

  • Thanks Oldgirl, just saw your message now. Have been to the doctors and had blood tests, anaemia, thyroid checked and all is ok. Maybe I'll try and have a better look at my diet and see if I can improve things there.

  • Did they check your B12 levels? I was struggling with energy for a long time after completing C25K to the point where I would have to go to my car at lunchtime for a nap and my job is office based so not physically demanding! Turns out my B12 was really low and I now have injections every 3 months to try and keep things in check.

    If they haven't tested it, ask that they do to rule it out. The nurse at our practice told me this is becoming more common as an ailment.

    Hope you get whatever it is sorted fairly quickly x

  • Hey agree with all the above and I also feel absolutely exhausted at the end of my working day! (I also have an office job this doesn't involve too much activity) But I find I push through and after dinner it usually passes! I have been taking multi vitamins, cod liver oil tablet and glucosamine supplements.

    I have been running every other day since graduating in march - I don't feel that I'm less tiered but I am now wiling to rise to the challenge I set myself, I get up first thing on a weekend and go for a run and avoid excess alcohol because I know that il cheat if I have a hang over.

    I sleep less but it is better quality sleep - no more restless hours trying to settle. Also I'm more motivated to do things because I know il feel better once I've done and the buzz that comes post run is what gets me through.

    Don't be put off just stick at it and keep trying it may take a little while for your body to adjust.

    I found this article a few days ago when searching the net it's worth a read...


    Abi :-)

  • Just read this, very helpful

  • Thanks to you all for your advice, it's really appreciated. I'm not sure if they checked my B12 levels but I'll ask next time I go. I think the last 8-10 years of personal problems have really dragged me down and left me with this permanent exhaustion and I never exercised because it was like a vicious circle - I didn't have the energy to exercise. I started the couch 25K hoping to increase my energy levels but am struggling with feeling even more tired each day. I'm not going to give up though, have absolutely loved it. Thanks again for everyone's help :)

  • I take a cocktail of pills each day! A multivitamin, a b-vit complex mix, magnesium and evening primrose oil. B vits in general are very important for women, and magnesium is very important for the nervous system (and can help with mood etc). I also believe that water is like a magic potion! Drink as much of it as you can, it sharpens the mind, hrlps you sleep better and flushes all the crap out of your system.

    I find that even if I'm tired I get a burst of energy after I've been out for a run.

    Do get a check up with your gp but stock up on vitamins & minerals and do keep well hydrated.

  • I've just been reading up on vitamin B-12 deficiency and I'm definitely going to get some supplements and try and see if it helps improve things. Thanks for your advice.

  • Some anti-depressants can cause excess tiredness, it might be worth checking with your doctor in case there is an alternative you could try or if possible try to wean off and see if the exercise helps manage your mood. Don't stop taking them without medical supervision - you need to taper down slowly to stop or change anti-depressants. You could do yourself serious physical and mental harm if you stop abruptly.

    If it's any consolation I didn't start to feel any benefit until a few weeks after completing the course. (Check my blog on "graduating") but I definitely feel the benefit now. I still feel physically tired just after a run but have noticed a definite overall increase in my energy levels the rest of the time. Keep going! You will still be improving your health even though you feel tired.

  • I've tried coming off them several times but hit the floor a few months down the line, but am hoping that having made some changes in my life, including starting some regular exercise, in time I'll try again.

    Great to hear that you feel benefits from this (and I'm so in awe of anyone who is a graduate - feels a long way off!) - I'm definitely going to keep going, it's just I'm finding it a struggle.

  • Hi sofaqueen, I agree with the other posters, go back to the doctors to get thyroid etc checked... I had to fight to get medication because I was borderline. I found lots of useful information on the thyroid uk health unlocked forums so that might be something to look into.

    I felt a lot better after starting levothyroxine, but the biggest change was recently when they agreed to have B12, ferritin and folates tested, turns out I was folate deficient and have literally felt heaps better since starting on folic acid (it made me feel well enough to start c25k!).

    Sorry enough about me!

    I hope you find the cause of your tiredness, I know how you feel :o)

  • I've felt like this for so many years now and when I get desperate I go to the doctor's, they run some blood tests and you get told everything is fine, but they never actually give you your results so you can't see if you're borderline. Also I've heard some people say that they tests they use for thyroid function aren't always accurate. It's so debilitating having permanent tiredness as I'm sure you know. When I had my first son 17 years ago I was chronically anaemic but it was never picked up on, and I had to have a transfusion after I had him because my haemoglobin levels were so low and it was just amazing to have energy back, I felt like a new woman. I'm going to start taking some supplements as others have suggested and need to go back to the doctors in a few weeks anyway so will bring it up again. Great to know you've found the cause of your tiredness and that it's under control now

  • I agree, it's worth checking again with your GP. Are you also eating healthily though? I find that plenty of fruit and vegetables in the diet can help with this as they provide a great range of nutrients to help the body function more efficiently. Not less than the recommended 5 a day, broken down into 3 veg and 2 fruit but if you can manage more that's even better. Hope you find the cause of your tiredness soon and can enjoy your running with more energy. Best wishes.

  • My apologies sofaqueen if I am late to the party, just wanted to ask - how much water are you drinking a day? How hydrated you are has a huge effect on how much energy you have (at least for me).

    I can also confirm what Beek says about low GI foods. I used to have a slump every day after my pasta salad for lunch, but now that I have switched to high-fibre pasta it is (mostly) a thing of the past.

    Good luck finding a solution, let us know how you get on.

  • No problem, a later reply is still a reply and I'm happy to read anything that anyone suggests. I'm not a huge water drinker but I do have a lot of tea during the day. I should probably try and reduce that and increase water instead. I've just started taking some supplements but will have to give that a few weeks to see if it makes any difference. Thanks for the tip about the GI foods too, much appreciated.

  • I started C25K a while ago and I was also doing pilates, swimming and a personal trainer once a week. I introduced them gradually to my plan but I was totally weary all the time. My trainer suggested I might try a protein shake as I'm a veggie (she didn't try to push any brand, just made the suggestion) I tried it and it worked a treat for me. My muscles still get tired but I'm not bone weary all the time. Just a suggestion that looking into your overall diet might help.

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