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Couch to 5K
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For Fitness and for Energy

Hello all,

I have been lurking a lot and reading bits and pieces on peoples experience. I am finding it very motivational just to see people get through this, especially the people who have a lot more challenges than me. I thank you for that! Very very brave.

So I started Week 1 last year in October and with the weather changing and no suitable running clothes for me to keep from freezing the death but I used that as an excuse to not run week 2. I already know the response - "If you ran harder you would soon warm up". Yes that's true but despite my muscles probably being able to handle the run, my hearts and lungs just cant keep up with the demand (I am working on that though).


This week, after buying some long skins (work great for protection against the winter wind and it made a massive difference) I started Week 1 again on Monday. I ran again on Tuesday (I couldn't wait) and have given myself a break for 2 days to recover. My muscles were sore :D. Today is my last run for the week and I cant wait to get out and do it!!

I am a skinny little 5ft whippet with not much muscle mass and a bit too much fat for liking. Skinny does not equal lean unfortunately and I can positively say I am properly as unhealthy as an over weight person on the inside. I lack motivation and energy in life and I can easily sleep for 10+ hours a night.

So this is where is starts...

I start with a biological change and hopefully everything else will return :D

This has been on my to do list for quite some time but I am mostly doing this because I like the endorphin rush :D I am somewhat of an adrenaline junky.

I hope to see you with another update later!

P.s I am 24 and a web developer/photographer. (Desk jobs are all I know haha!)

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Good luck this time round. If you keep posting here it will help motivate you to keep running, well it did for me anyway.

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Go you...getting out there and doing it for whatever reason is just fine.

For me, I started for one reason and loads of other un-thought of benefits just happened ! Unleashed my literary side again, improved my creativity and the best bit, an amazing feeling of whoomph!

Looking forward to your next posts.:)


I understand being on the skinny side, and yet being totally unfit! Fitness, not just weight, gives you soo many health benefits- mentally, and physically. I used to be easily tired and come down with continuous colds, but I have to say, since starting running in August, and I yet to be ill or have a cold, which must be streak for me especially over winter.

I feel much healthier running several times a week. Starting young too means you have a chance to develop a life habit you won't regret later on!


Me too! Skinny but zero fitness! When I started running people looked at me like I was bonkers as they couldn't understand that I wasn't trying to lose weight!!!

I'm 10 months in and it's the best thing I've ever done (for myself!)

You go for it. Take it steady and keep to the rest days :) if you feel you must exercise then do some of the strength and flex cross training (link on the NHS C25K page).

Good luck. Keep posting ( and running)


That's the reaction I got.

"You don't need to exercise" but I hate being weak and feeble. It ingrains a sense of vulnerability to your persona because you know that everyone is stronger.

I am on a mission of change.

Thank you all for your responses!

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Yes - I felt weak and incapable. Now I feel strong and confident. I ran 12k today - to which my Dad commented "I'd have given you a lift there if you'd asked" He was joking .... I think!


Well done for restarting the program Hayley. Respect for everyone who starts this in the winter months. Fitness is priceless.

Good luck with your next run.

p.s rest days are valuable. x

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Winter is brutal but I figured if I start in the worst conditions then I have no excuse with nice or mild weather 😁.

Haven't been out in the rain yet. I have been running in the dark as it's never light when I get home. So it will be weird when it's summer!

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It'll be lovely in the summer because by then you will be fit and able to appreciate the lovely long evenings, not in a cloud of blood, sweat and tears!


So true. I graduated last Feb and that transition into a 'proper' runner through the spring, summer and autumn has been brilliant.

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Hey we can all use excuses but you've decided to do something about it. I started this programme and this forum has really inspired me. Like you I have a desk job (although my active IT development days have gone) but I've realised that doesn't mean I can't go out for a run. I'm funding that I have a lot more energy and I know this sounds silly but sleep, or lack of sleep, seems to be a different issue these days. I can't quite explain but generally I feel better.

People on here will give you all the motivation and inspiration you'll need to get through the programme. Haha you just need to do the running!


Week 1 is complete and I am a happy bunny!

It was a tad bit harder despite doing the same route. I mostly had breathing issues but I actually think the struggle was mental because my boyfriend was this me (he has ran marathons and is generally faster)

I am improving though, I am tracking myself on my fitbit.

I am not feeling worn out and not as achy (we will see tomorrow though).

So.. I think its time for week 2.

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