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Back to it on the most sweaty day of the year!

We'll I got to week 3 did all the runs but missed a few days in between so repeated that, then we went away to Devon so no running and it kind of dropped off from there! But been feeling more stressed than ever, found out a few weeks ago that my building where I work is closing so will soon be out of a job (yet again!) And didn't really feel like running at all! However kept looking at my running shoes and the wobbly bits getting more wobbly again and thought that's it back to it! So I've gone back to.week 2 today and have surprised myself it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and feel much better already! Thanks to the blogs I receive dailyonon my phone I thought I would get back to it at some point and have!

Anyway thought I would say hi to all who have inspired me to keep going and thanks x

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