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First post-grad run - stepping stones

S'warm out there innit? And clammy. Nice.

So, just got back from my first post graduation run, and I chose to do the stepping stones podcast from C25k + (see note at end) it's a 30 min podcast running to the beat. You start with 150 bpm (ok for me) then it progresses to 155 (I think it's 12.5 mins of each or 15 of one then 10 of the other - need to check ) then Laura slaps you with 160 bpm for 5 mins. Ouch. Got through it, just. Haven't had to work that hard for a while, and I went from an average of 7:25 mins per km previously, to an average of about 6:50 min per km, and the last km was 6:36 per km. (I only say this so you can gauge if stepping stones is something you want to try) I made 4.27 km in the 30 mins, so 5k not a massive way away.

It will definitely speed me up and help my fitness. It was very hard work towards the end though. Will prob use this for a while, plus either podrunner single bpm podcasts, or my own music. Or no music. There's also the speed and stamina podcasts to try. (Eeeek) Will keep weekday runs to 30 mins or less, whatever I use, then work on my distance in the weekend to get to 5k adding 10% a week.

Looking ok people. This plan definitely changes the way you view yourself. Who knew I could keep to something like this? Now all I need is a spreadsheet.... ;-)


Stepping Stone and the other C25K+ podcasts (some of the links FROM this page don't work on iPad or iPhone as they are flash. Try a PC if you want to read the details. You can search for and download them from iTunes Store in the normal way though)

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cheers Liz - saves me asking my question about what pace is stepping stone at ... and 4.27 is pretty damn good too

... have already got my spreadsheet - with charts, targets, red shading for bad runs, green for good runs, blue for best times/distances, it's all very very very geek & sad, but it makes me smile!


Geek is good! Smile! :D I love my data too.


Thanks liz doing stepping stones on fri so your info is great im like you 7.30 km so hopefuly iwill keep up with laura ha ha x


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