Second go at Week one!

Ok, so I'm an unfit 42 year old who's secretly a marathon runner (in my dreams?) Anyway, about 2 weeks ago, I did the first two runs only to catch a really bad cold and chest infection so had to knock the third run on the head. I'm still not 100% better, but well enough, I think, to try again. So I'm going out nice and early tomorrow morning starting run one again. Fingers crossed my chest/breathing will be ok!

I've been reading lots of blogs on here and really can't wait to start again, the encouragement everyone gets is fantastic! I'll no doubt write up how I get on over the weeks to come ??


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9 Replies

  • Mmmmm, we share the same dream, let's hope they come true one day :) good luck on starting again, make sure you are well enough and just take it steady, well done for not giving up, Ally x

  • Keep blogging! I was an unfit 40 year old seven weeks ago and really struggled with the first few weeks. I'm now in week 7, can run for 25 mins, have bought running shoes and shorts and am looking forward to my first 5k park run once I've completed the 9 week programme. I never thought I would ever consider a 5k run let alone look forward to it!

    My trousers are getting loose, I've got more energy and people have started to comment on my change in shape. Have faith in Laura and believe in yourself, use this site for encouragement and before you know it you will be running for 30 mins. Good luck!

  • I had to do week1 three times! and I didnt even have an illness to blame! Stick with it, this programme really does work. I am now on week 7 and loving it. If I can do it honestly anyone can :-)

  • That must have been difficult! Three times! Congratulations on getting back into it, I imagine a few wouldn't bother!

    I am determined though, so I'll just keep plodding on and aim for that coveted Graduate badge! :)

  • Thanks everyone! I've just come in from doing the first run again and it was ok! No problems with my chest (although my knees are hurting!) The encouragement on here is fantastic and I am going to keep at it! I will be that marathon runner.... :)

  • Welcome .... It's great to know you've bitten the bullet and decided to run. The dream can start to become a reality here! ;)

    Hope you're feeling better? Breathing mid and immediately after colds can be a drag .. But the amazing thing I discovered (and I am mildly asthmatic) is that my lungs have strengthened beyond imagination since I started running - and from very early on too! I certainly didn't complete all 8 runs the first few times I went out ... I think my chest sounds were louder than the podcast! But I stuck with it and, well, the rest is sorta history now - haven't looked back! Breathing steady and controlled now, still only plodding along, but enjoying running and the outside and even what passes for summertime LOL! Lots of luck as your progress through the programme - it definitely works! Take care and keep us posted about your progress. Cheers, Linda

  • Thanks Linda x

    I really feel that all these blogs explaining everyone's journey with the wonderful Laura is a fantastic resource! The actual podcast is great, very gentle and reassuring but it's on here where I get the most, thanks to people like yourself, Ally -d, Stubbyp and MacNab! Keep on running! :)

  • Good for you on getting back out there. I have been back to week one a couple of times, once after a cold and once after an ear infection. It's just a case of recovering from whatever the ailment is and getting back on track afterwards. Well done.

  • Thanks Fitmo. I just hope I don't get ill again anytime soon! Fingers crossed! :)

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