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Week 3 - Busy and Scares

First run of week 3 went fine, not as hard as I expected although I did take it pretty slowly. Maybe I should have been more worried when a dog walker told me that his dog had been scared by gun shot, as I was on my way to the field, but I just thought that it was probably a bird scarer and saw nothing frightening fortunately. However, on my second week 3 run, I did nearly jump out of my special running trainers when I saw a snake by my foot. It wasn't that big, but I nearly stepped on it! Then I had a few extra days off running as it was my little girl's 2nd birthday and party. I felt rather guilty about the unauthorized rest days, but paid for it on week 3 run 3 with a lot more huffing and puffing. Think that I will do an extra Week 3 run to get my stamina up a little before week 4!

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That's it do what you feel best for you and your body. We all have to go at our pace. You may find just an extra one at week 3 and then you can move to week 4. But do what you feel confident doing.

Happy running:-)


Thanks. I did my extra week 3 run today and I don't think that I would have been ready to start week 4. It was baking hot at 12pm too, although the temperature probably would have been a breeze for some of the graduates on here who blog from outside the UK! I am aiming to try week 4 run 1 on Sat. :)


I think I'd have freaked if I'd seen a snake! Well done on getting back out there after such a fright. I agree with the above comment, if you feel like doing a week again and it's what works for you then all to the good. We all go at our own pace and other members of this forum encourage us and cheer us on with what works best for us. I'd go mad without this community. Well done on your runs and the very best of luck with the rest of the programme.


Today it was a pitbull that scared me by growling when I ran near it! The perils of running in beautiful countryside full of dog walkers and wildlife! This forum definitely is a great support and inspiration! Thanks so much for your encouragement! :-)


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