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I'm doing it!!

I've been lurking on this site for a while now, get great inspiration and motivation from reading everyone's posts and advice on questions that I would have asked myself.

Yesterday evening I completed Week6, Run3. I just can't believe that I'm doing it. I am proof perfect that this plan works. I was a typical couch potato. I'm 38 years old, not particularly overweight but more than a bit wobbly having had 2 children (aged 5 and almost 3) I have a fulltime desk job so no activity through the day really. And then a hectic home life trying to keep up with housework, laundry, cooking and doing all the things we do with little kids. Any 'spare' time I had was spent on the sofa feeling exhausted. There was no time for me and although not overweight I'm not happy with my figure and even less happy with my fitness levels. I needed something I could do quickly, time is one thing I never have enough of, and I couldn't afford to join a gym.

Before this, I had never run for even a minute, in my entire life.

So I started. We live in a beautiful but very hilly part of County Wicklow, Ireland. I tried week 1 twice, but failed. I then decided to drive 5 mins to a new ring road around my town, it has a double cycle track and a grass verge next to a footpath, so plenty of room to run safely without fear of being mowed down by motorists! And it means I don't have to negotiate the mountain which is the road I live on!! I completed week1 there, my 3rd attempt. And it has become "my" spot, I do all my runs there.

I never thought I'd do it. I don't have great willpower or a reputation for tenacity. But I loved being outdoors. I loved the fresh air and the feeling of freedom. No way would I have stuck at this if I'd been doing it on a treadmill. It is bloody hard work! But every run, I am amazed at my body's ability. It simply astounds me. I struggled with week 4, did it twice, but since then I've managed all the runs even though I felt like I wouldn't, I stuck with it and the programme works!

I ran for 25 mins yesterday evening, up hills, into a strong breeze, in the glaring sun. It was hard, but nothing compares to the feeling I had when I finished. I was grinning the whole 5 min cool-down walk back to my car - sweating, panting and looking more than a bit deranged - but grinning nonetheless!

I know I'm not there yet, but when I started I couldn't see myself completing week 2 and now I believe that I will complete the whole programme, even though I know it will be hard. So for anyone starting out, stick with it and just know that this programme does work. It's hard work but it's only half an hour, and each week your body is getting stronger. It's worth it. And as the ad says, so are you!

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Yay! I am so with you on the insane grinning. It's the best and longest lasting "hangover" I have ever experienced. Onwards and upwards!


Yay! Well done! I have my week 6 run 3 tomorrow. I actually look forward to running now, I've always hated it before!


Excellent McNab! You have described me to a T, though I have another year on you.

After hurting my knee on week 2 and having to have 2 weeks rest. Last night I finished Week 3 Run 2. I thought I might collapse at the end of my second 3 minute run, I can't for the life of me contemplate running non stop. I'm not using the POD casts but the C25K app, with The Script helping me along on my run/walk.

I love being out by myself and so hope that I have that grinning moment in a matter of weeks.


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