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Week 4 Run 1

Well, after doing a successful Run 3 of week 3 (actually run 4 because I repeated) this morning's run was a bit different. At least I had breakfast this time (running on an empty stomach does not do me any good), but that push up to 5 minutes was hard and I went so slow a woman with a pram and a dog overtook me and smiled pityingly. I didn't finish the last five minutes.

But my running friend told me there's no such thing as a bad a run. It's warm out there and because I have no pockets in my jogging pants, I still take my fleece for my mobile (so I can take Laura with me - I really need to get my ipod shuffle sorted) and for my house key so was sweltering. I did try tying it around my waist but then it annoyed me. Ah well... onwards and upwards.

Good luck everyone and keep running even after a bad one.

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I don't do well when I'm hot either. Could you pop your phone into your bra? I put MP3 player in one side, phone in t'other and keys under a stone. (Oops - assuming you are female there!) or maybe a bum bag or body belt?

True, no such thing as a 'bad' run. You got up and out and moved your body about - that's way better than sitting on the couch!


Get a pair of capri running trousers with a zip in the back, I manage to get my keys and ipod in there securely and it means because the headphone wire is fairly taut, it's not flapping around my chest annoying me as I run (or jog pathetically!).


LOL - I could put my phone in my bra - never thought of that! But may have to look at capri running pants with a zip pocket or something. Thanks everyone.


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