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Wk6 run3

Just couldn't do this last night. Everything was against me doing this run. I couldn't do it straight after work, was late with dinner and I think it was not digested enough. I only managed about 9 minutes running. I couldn't concentrate either. I came out of the park at a different exit and was a bit disorientated. It was just not meant to be, but I brisked walked round what I would have run, so at least I didn't give up totally. I think I will do run 2 again just to boost my confidence a bit. Onwards and upwards.

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Yes. Onwards and upwards! By all means repeat, but activity is activity so don't feel too downhearted. And you could have just gone home. But you didn't. Well done.

Good luck for the next one. x


Put it behind you - we all have not great days - but even a bad day is better than anyone still on the couch. Stay cool and keep at it.xx


Don't worry. You've been a great encouragement with earlier blogs so its our turn now to encourage you and we all know you will conquer run 3! I did mine last night and it was tough going and at its worst around that 9 minute mark but I got there (strangely it did get marginally better after the 12.5 minute time check). Report back and let us know how you've done.

PS my tip for the day is don't wear a bright pink tshirt: my face matched my tshirt by the end which was really not a good look!


Thanks Canireallyrun I have decided to go back to run2 and then do 3 on Saturday when I can do it mid morning. So watch this space. Good luck with wk7. You are now in front of me.


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