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graduated or on your way just wondering what speed your "running" at.

I know they say its not about speed... but jus a tad curious, i finished c25k last year and was running at 5.5. foolishly took 4 months off expecting to get straight back into it- now fighting to finish week 4s last 5 min run at 6.0mph. :-( im determined to not be at a total loss

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I can't answer in mph because my machine measures in kph, but I do a rather slow 7.4 kph and have just completed week 7. I'm planning to stick with snail's pace until I graduate and then very slowly build up speed until I can run 5k in 30 minutes. Whether the plan will succeed, I'll just have to keep going and find out. Don't get too hung up on what speed you're doing though, just do what is comfortable for you and build up your stamina.


Mine measures in kph as well. I generally do an interval run when I'm on the treadmill, using 11 or 12 kph as the fast speed (12kph is top speed on my one), and 9kph as the recovery speed. I can run 5k outside in under 30 minutes (best time 26 minutes, once!) but ask me to run at that speed on the treadmill for any length of time and I can't do it. I think it's because it's too easy to give up! If I need to do a long run on the 'mill I do it at 8 or 9kph.

Quickie conversion....

8kph = 5mph

9kph = roughly 5.5mph

10kph = 6mph


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