Fellow 5x50ers

Sorry I'm the one who had the duplicate account!! It's all sorted now (kind of) one has been deleted,

I registered last night but on trying to get into my account thismorning I was told 'no account set up' and couldn't get in so thinking I hadn't completed to end did it again!! But still the same.

I've mailed person concerned who deleted one for me but I still can't 'get in' just says unable to log in.

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  • How annoying for you - hope you can get it sorted out by Sunday, or soon afterwards.

    So, we are 41...

    I've started building up to it - today was my 4th consecutive 30 min exercise day. I ran on Sat, walked on Sunday, ran yesterday and did the NHS Stretch and Flex podcast this morning (and a 9 minute 'bootcamp' exercise routine with a Swiss ball with a video on the sparkpeople website, so I may have weird aches tomorrow - I really must learn to pace myself better!)

    Let's have some warmer weather though, please!

  • 9 min boot camp with a Swiss ball?? What the?? Hold back there you'll fizzle out :-) wait til Sunday ;-)

  • you are "building up to it"? It sounds like you are underway! Will you therefore be doing 5x60? I am using the next few days as an excuse not to exercise before this challenge! haha

  • Ah but I might have a day or two off before Sunday. :) I'm thinking of doing the parkrun Saturday, as a starting point measure, so having 2 rest days before would make sense... But I haven't looked at the weather forecast yet!

  • I like the way you think!!! :-)

  • I think you spilt some of your drink on it, that's why it wont work!! ;)

    Hope they can sort it or delete it and start again.....

    Just checked...now 42! :) Let's keep plugging away guys! There were just 3 from here last year so we are setting a brilliant record for this site!!

  • That's really impressive 42, to last years 3.

    All sorted now, very nice chap helped me out x

  • I'm 42! Can't believe I've registered, scary!

  • Whoopy dooooooo! :)

  • :D I saw it was you that was number 42 Khrissy but didnt want to "out" you in case you were keeping a low profile but now you are out of the closet so WELCOME!!

    Steve makes it 43!

    Sue :)

  • I just signed Steve up! Boy, will he be surprised when he comes home from his business trip! ;-)

    So, if you signed up twice, does this mean you will be doing 100 days???? ;-)


  • Huh???? You did what??? I have to run how far??? How many times??? Wow...I better have a beer and think about this!!

  • Welcome on board! Even if you were press-ganged by your wife! :D

    Did she forget to mention that alcohol is banned for the 50 days? ;) he he!

  • I neglected to mention that Greenlegs! ;-)

  • Hahaha!!! She had to be drunk to have signed me up for this!!! I have to think that beer is what is going to give me the energy necessary to make it through my lovely wife's brilliant idea!!

  • Ha I do hope not!! It's all sorted now :-) went to bed last night thinking of the different things I can do (that don't cost me a fortune)

  • Anyone going to a local launch event?


    I'm thinking of going to the local one on Sunday morning, but will need to see what the rest of the family are up to that day.

  • None near where I'll be on Sunday unfortunately. I will be at the bottom of a steep hill on the North Downs (Almost 1km of 10% slope) - maybe I'll walk up and down it - I don't think I could run all the way up it yet! Mmm, to do 5k, I'd need to go up and down it 2.5 times. We'll see!

  • I've just looked and there is nothing near by me!! Unless I go into London or Wimbledon!! I used to live in Wimbledon too opposite the park they are doing it in x

  • This is getting very exciting! My sister has joined our group. Hope that's ok. It's great to have such a great group!!!! Ahhh!!!

  • Lovely! 43 members now... TeamWeightwatchers has got 45...

  • I checked the stats for the 2012 challenge and the top 5 biggest teams ranged from 174 to 38 (WW had 39!) so wouldnt it be great if we could be in those stats for this year!! :) That would be a great plug for C25K! Hey, maybe some of the Admin team on here could join too...... ;)

  • Good idea Sue!

  • Have you sent them a message about it? Not sure how often they read posts on here (there are loads of other communities they look after). I think that's a brilliant idea! NHS-editor person appears to be doing the stretch and flex exercises I think...

  • I did! ;) Maybe you could add your two penneth worth too.....


    Also, before I left work I was checking and it seems there are only 2 teams with more than us in the challenge - one has over 100 but the other with 45 is Team Weight Watchers - surely we can beat them?! We are on 43.......

  • I have also sent a message via the directory, in case he doesn't read the forum messages.

    Fingers crossed!

  • I have copied my "challenge" as a message to all 3 in admin. Lets see if we get any replies between us!

  • The more the merrier...or the nuttier! ;-)

  • I went out for a run last night, god it was cold, I hope we have a bit of a thaw by Sunday.

  • No events near me either, sadly. Will have to drag the hubby out on a 5k walk, if I promise him a pub lunch at the end of it, he might just come!

  • I have signed up too but shall be Billy no mates as I live in swindon..pardon my asking..is it 30 mins exercise every day and is it really alcohol free for 50 days??????for an Irish person that's HARD!!!!!!!

  • Who said anything about being alcohol free????? You have me panicking now!!!! Really????

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