Couch to 5K

The run isn't over until the 'Laura Lady' says so!

I have just completed Week 6 Run 3, which I must say I approached with some trepidation. W5R3 went well, really well. But W6R1 was a real trawl. W6R2 felt better, but it was still some effort.

So I set off this morning. At 5 minutes (end of warm up walk) I noted my distance on RunKeeper, and went for it. First 5 mins went fine. I had a real sense of 'I can do this'. After the next 5 minutes I had run another 0.51 miles, so a reasonable pace.

The second 5 minutes were harder, as I felt I was coming up to the point I started my walk on W6R2. But I pushed on.

I took my usual tack of don't measure the run by time, but by setting milestones, such as I need to reach there, then I should finish about there.

The distance clocked, up as did the time, then I heard those golden words. '60 seconds to go'. Then Laura said something about 'if you feel OK, run a bit faster'. Sorry Laura that 'aint going to happen! So I carried on into my last 60 seconds. RunKeeper chipped in just before the end. 30 minutes and 3.03 miles. That's 100m short of the magical 5K in 30 minutes! So close, but there was no way I could have really run faster in the last 60 seconds.

Then it was over, I had done it. And I felt great.

Legs were tired, but not unduly so. Knees felt good. And I recovered within 3 minutes. Definitely a whole lot fitter than I was a couple of months ago.

And to be told that I am 'Officially a Runner' well....

Then after a shower, when I dressed for work I noticed that something I have had since I got married was missing. I hadn't noticed it had gone, or when. No, not my wedding ring. My 'Fat man foldover' was gone. Wow. Never felt so good. Is it possible to look too smug at breakfast?


I'm a Runner! (Did I mention that :-) )

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That's fantastic - your enthusiasm is rather catching and you've every right to feel smug lol

From someone just starting W4 the idea of running over 3miles is still a distant dream but thanks for sharing your experiences, it gives me something to aim for!


A distant dream it may seem to run 3 miles, but it is achievable. If you stick with the plan you will do it. It really works.

I truly cannot believe the difference in what I can do and how I feel today, to how I felt at Christmas 2012 when I decided I needed to lose weight. Haven't had to lose too much weight (about 10lbs), but enough to get me running, and that has done the rest.


That's a very inspiring post. Congratulations on your achievement, both running and weight loss. I reckon you are entitled to feel smug at breakfast. Enjoy the rest of your C25K and whatever you progress to afterwards. Keep us all informed - we love success stories.


Be smug, keep being smug all day. We are all with you and understand exactly why you have the right to allow yourself the simple pleasure of self-congratulation.

And if anyone asks you "what have you got to be so smug about?!" tell them, and ask them to genuinely share what they are proud of themselves for.

We are all too good at beating ourselves up for the stuff we haven't done; maybe you can help the SMUG BUG keep moving and allow someone else to give themselves a pat on the back that they also deserve :)


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