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Any tips for W6R3...the dreaded 25 minutes? Longer or shorter strides?


I am about to embark on W6R3 tomorrow - and alone (no hubby for support). I'm very nervous about this as last night I managed to do the 2 x 10 minute runs in W6R2 but just barely and was so happy to hear Laura saying "60 seconds left". I can't imagine going on for 5 more minutes, without the 3 minute walking break.

Any tips on how to get through the 25 minute run?

Another question on strides - when Laura says to go slowly, I find myself taking small steps - like a fast walk, almost. Last night I saw another runner who was taking longer strides. I tried this for a while and while I like the different feeling, I found myself going faster. Any suggestions on stride length?

Looking forward to some suggestions!

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Just take it slowly, and if you're feeling tired, slow down again! I'm not sure about long or short strides - I haven't ever thought about this, other than I know I take shorter strides when I am goin up a hill. All the best for your run - I hope it goes well :)


Don't stress about it - just do the best you can. I, like you, felt like I only just made it on W6R2 - but I managed to push myself to the end of the 25mins. I stayed at a VERY slow pace - at the end Laura said to add some speed if you can to the last 60secs! Ha ha!! I tried but had to slow down again! Anyway, I did it!! And I am sure you will too!! Slowly is my tip! Good luck and post how you got on. By the way I did W7R1 which is another 25 minuter yesterday - again - I found it hard but did manage it.

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Hello ~ just back from the 25 minute run. I made it! I had a pain in the right side of my back halfway through but decided to ignore that and go on. I also did the little "sprint" at the end but only because I know tomorrow is a rest day :-) I can see pancakes for breakfast!

Thanks for your encouragement. I will do W7R1 on Sunday, hopefully.


Try not to get hung up on the time. Maybe think of mentally breaking it up into blocks of 2 x 10 minutes plus 5 or 2 x 12 minutes plus 1. Just be determined to finish, no matter how slowly you need to go. If you have to slow down to almost walking, that's fine, you'll soon find the energy to increase your pace.

I'd stick with short strides for now. Yes you may go faster with a longer stride, but you might also tire a lot quicker! The main thing is to finish the run and it really doesn't matter how you do it.

Obviously, if you feel more comfortable and find your rhythm easier with a longer stride , then go for it. Just don't stress or worry about it - do what you feel is natural for you.

Good luck!


My tip would e to try to think of something else whilst you run. Seriously if you are able to do so. You could think about something quite engrossing like for me it would be how to decorate my sitting room if money were no object. The time will go quicker and you may not get so hung up about it.

sofaspud in reply to Norni

I like the hint about distraction! I too thought about furniture but as I live in Hong Kong, I had to picture a much bigger sitting room and all the lovely furniture I would put in there.

I finished the 25 minute run...and am looking forward to the rest.

NorniGraduate in reply to sofaspud

Well done. Your rest is well earned. We have snow in England, so no running for me for a while.


Short strides ..... and a big cheer at the end! Crying is ok!

sofaspud in reply to genevan

I thought about you as I was running this evening. I thought "crying is ok!" (but I didn't break down in tears but it was a good option).

I laughed when Laura said "you can consider yourself a runner now!"


Like it!

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