Couch to 5K

My first blog as a graduate :-)

I went out feeling not just a little apprehensive this morning. After the elation of completing week 9 ...would I be able to do it again?

I don't know why but i felt that I was kidding myself and that last week was just 3 flukes.

So when I reached 20 mins and was flagging a bit, I gave myself a good telling off (and slowed down). The inner pep talk worked and I completed 30 mins and continued for another 3!!!!

Will try to make 33 mins my goal for the next few runs now.

Doing a 5k Race for life on Sunday . Hope to run it all, (well most of it, not sure about the massive hill at the beginning).

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You'll be fine on your sunday race - just set off slowly and enjoy it. The atmosphere and all the other people will really keep you going and you'll find that some people will walk it!

You could give the 5k+ podcasts a go - they really helped me build confidence and it breaks up the pattern a bit with a 30 min steady run, a 35 min run that gets gradually faster and a very short interval run where after warm up you do a minute quite fast then a minute slowly but only repeating that half a dozen times.

good luck and keep going - it's amazing to get through the 9 weeks.


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