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Week 4 Run 3 - A distraction

I have to admit i've been going through the mill over the past few days, worries getting to much to handle, worrying about everything left, right and centre, and C25K as been the last thing on my mind.

C25K is more a physical thing to me than a mental thing (good job the way I'm feeling), so this morning I once again donned the lyrica and set-off on my next run. Just for a brief period during the run i wasn't focused on work, home life, money troubles etc etc i had something more concrete and immediate to focus on - and it felt good !!

Ran a little further than W4R2 (50 yds - but i'll take it).

Time to download week 5 (gulp !!) and see what that brings.

Good luck everyone, if I can do it - you can do it easier.

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Keep going Mark, I found running ( well, walking originally) Soothes the brain. I used to have imaginary conversations and even arguments as I went along, it's amazing how much it calmed me put things into context.

Enjoy w4r3 and the rest of the programme.


Totally agree, running time is kind of selfishly 'me' time ... But don't feel any guilt about it as I find I can adjust much more meaningfully to the day to day hassles afterwards. Enjoy your moments of freedom or even emptiness, they are soooooo good for you. The rest of programme is there for you to enjoy too .... And life bounces back to normal soon enough!

Enjoy and keep hanging-in, cheers Linda ;)


Carry on enjoying your achievements. I agree with LMS2110 - it's a time for ourselves and we should never feel guilty about it. Everybody needs some 'me' time. Good luck with the rest of the programme.


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