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W6P1 (P = Plod) - The Leveller!

I completed, just about, Week 6 Run 1, but it did feel like a bit of a plod. I felt really good after my 20 minute run of W5R3, unbelievably good. I had read that Week 6 Run 1 was not as easy as it sounds, and it has indeed been a great 'leveller'. It's kind of knocked me back a bit, I am going to push on, but think I might do W6R1 again.

I think there are a few contributing factors to yesterdays plod;

1) It was a late afternoon run, on a day when I was tired anyway. (I normally run in the morning). Have been pretty bushed of late, and it's not the running - work is a grind at the moment.

2) It was a bit windy, which I am not used to.

3) My hamstrings feel permanently tight, despite stretching before and after.

Does anybody else suffer from tight/stiff hamstrings. Strangely enough after about 3 minutes into the 5 minute run they did start to ease, but I did feel that they were not as functional as I imagine they should be. I think if I could crack this, things would improve again.

Otherwise I am loving it. I am in better shape, and feel so much fitter and healthier.

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It's always a shock when you get to week 6 after the high of the 20 minute run. Have no fear you will beat it. :-) I always run in the morning too. I'm flagging by the afternoon so i struggle then. Much better to go first thing.

Can't help you with the hamstring problem I'm afraid. Is it just tight or does it feel pulled?


Hamstring just feels tight, as it seems to ease when I run. I think if it was pulled then I would be in pain whatever I did, and it certainly isn't pain.

I'm off to a warmer climate for the next 5 days, so I think I will re-run Run 1 then do Run 2. I don't fancy doing W6R3 in a warm climate that I am not used to.


Maybe try putting heat on it, might help ease it. I don't blame you for not run longer runs in the heat, just ease in slow and see how it goes. Enjoy the sun and warm. :-)


Great attempt, so don't knock your efforts ... It was just another learning experience! When you think about it, W5 really gallops you onwards very quickly - 3 different runs getting you from a few minutes at a time to 20 mins continuous in a few days! Then, W6R1 seems to take a backwards step and introduces more interruptions. I don't understand the 'physical/sporting rationale' but I do know it does work for most ... I suspect it's all down to mind-over-matter again! Why not wait until the wind drops, and try run2 in the morning to see if it might work for you too?

As for your hamstring, I've never had such a prob, but I have read loads of blogs about NOT stretching before an outing! Only stretching once the running is over! Can't recall why that is the case, but, again, it might be worth trying when you next go out?!

Take care, Linda x


Interesting - I have never stretched before - are you supposed to?


I have never stretched beforehand ... (Actually only started stretching a bit afterwards once I'd read other blogs LOL) As I said, lots of blogs warning about stretching beforehand, (ie what a bad idea it is!) so have always avoided it. Probably a quick Google search would explain the anatomical reasons ;)


phew - (maybe I should learn to read as well as run) :-(


I know what you mean about W6 being a bit odd - although I had one of my fastest runs then (too much confidence carried over from W5) - I couldn't figure out why the return to walking.

then someone else said the 20min W5R3 is only there as a mental booster & to have the sense of achivement, you still need a couple more sessions to make sure you are upto full running.

If you look at W6R2 - you run for 20mins in total with a 3 minute walking gap in the middle and that's it - that is the last session on the plan which includes a walking stage.

So if you are after advice - I would say press on and do W6R2 - but go back at your usual time of day so you know you are comfortable.

Hopefully the hamstring isn't too much of an issue - especially if it starts to ease during the first few mins.

Good luck & Happy Running


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