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Week6 Run3 - I guess this means I'm a runner now?

Week6 Run3 - I guess this means I'm a runner now?

This how Weasel and I both feel after this one!!

I really didn't think I was going to make it today. Put on some long sleeves as I felt really cold when I left home, but I hadn't appreciated how muggy it is!!

Accompanied by my faithful Weasel, I decided to go for my own music today. Sorry Laura - I love you but the thought of 25 mins of your music today made me even less keen to keep going! I did enjoy the music much more, but it's funny how that lack of occasional voice and encouragement does make you feel a little more isolated, especially running on a deserted Chertsey Meads in what eventually turned out to be rain.

Today more than ever, I had to rely on myself and my mind to keep going. I always thought that the beginning of the long runs would be easier, and that they would get harder the more tired I got. Very wrong. I'm amazed at how sporadic my energy levels, comfort and breathing are - I can have a really steady five minutes, followed by a couple of shockers and then settle in again for a few minutes that seem to pass by in no time. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing in the good bits to see if I can extend them, and one of the things that seems to help is to tell myself to relax my shoulders. I then instantly loosen and calm down a bit, and I think it takes my mind off legs/time etc.

I have Ben slower today than on previous runs, but I guess a slower pace for longer in the 'long run' ( no pun intended) is better. I can work on speed once I have some stamina, right? Today I covered 4.5k in about 37 mins, so maybe I shouldn't be complaining too much.

Without Laura today I wasn't able to hear those magic W3R6 words, but after 6 weeks of puffing, panting and being outrun by a dog that had effectively 2 broken legs 3 months ago I can now say . . .

I'M A RUNNER!!!! And today I wore Lycra trousers to prove it - sorry Chertsey!!!

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Congrats on officially becoming a runner! I just completed W6R3 yesterday.I listen to my own music as well so I didn't hear Laura tell me I'm a runner but from all the other blogs I've read I know that's what she would have said so I did keep that in mind after my run. I know what you mean about sporadic energy levels, my energy levels are always all over the place. Keep up the great work, we've only got three weeks until graduation, can you believe it??


I am at the same stage as you guys! I think its mad that it was so hard to run three minutes at a time a few weeks ago and now look at us!! Dare I say it that graduation does not seem an impossible task now. However I did find tonight really hard! Did you guys? I worry all the time I am not quite fit enough to graduate as I had an 11 day break and then tackled week six runs 2 and 3..


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